February 13, 2006


So here's my progress, so far. I have 15" for the back of the wrap around cardigan. I realized that once I started on the second skein, I would need more than I bought, (they only had 5 of this Dark Chocolate in stock). So this week I will try another Michael's and see if anyone else has this color. Cross your fingers.

So I have 15"...I need 26" before any shaping. Two fronts, two sleeves and a belt, which I am not sure if I am going to pick up the stitches to make loops. I'm thinking that a belt and loops is unnecessary, afterall, how often do I wear a sweater with a belt? How often do I wear a belt, period?

Oh well, I'm off to work the rest of my 11" that I need. So far I am on schedule. If I finish the back by tomorrow, I will still have 11 days to work the fronts and sleeves. We shall see. All I know is that I am pretty happy knitting away, regardless if it's a challenge. It keeps me happy and busy.


The Knotty Girl said...

I love the wrap cardigan but I agree about the belt. But how would you keep it closed? Or would you? These are the things that would drive me nuts! :)

By the way, I love the title of your blog. I get a giggle every time I read it.

Anonymous said...

Any progress? I'm thinking about knitting this same sweater and was wondering how it turned out.