July 31, 2006

One down...Infinity to go

Here it is! Midwest Moonlight. The pattern, once again, is fromScarf Style. The designer is Ivy Bigelow. She did her scarf in an organic cotton. Mine is made with Blue Sky Alpacas Silk and Alpaca blend. I love the yarn, but a word of warning: Make sure you have an extra set of hands to help you with winding the hanks. (Even with the help of Shawn, we encountered a number of tangles.)

Here is my first sock pattern that I ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool. And of course the yummy yarn that goes with it. It's Lorna's Laces in Denim. Yummarific! I haven't had the chance to work with any Lorna's Laces yarn, but one touch of this yarn and you will instantly die and go to heaven. It's so soft! Perfect for a pair of socks. Hopefully perfect enough for my first pair of socks!

Another buy from Jimmy Beans Wool. This is their Sweet Pea sacque and cap kit for a baby. (For my baby, hehe.) The kit came with 2 skeins of RYC in their Cashsoft yarn. The color is called Spring and it's a heathery mint green. (I didn't want to order blue, though they have some gorgeous pastels, or pink...We still don't know the baby's sex, so I'm just doing neutral colors for the time being.) The kit was categorized in the Intermediate patterns, but this is a bit more than I expected. I need to buy some elastic and I'll have to do a little sewing, (casing at the bottom). The shoulders/sleeves also have an overlap, something I've never done before. It should be fun and a good challenge. I have until mid January!

A blurry picture of something I started last Tuesday. I was anticipating having to sit for a while at an appointment I had on Wednesday, early, a.m. I decided to bring something small with me, since everything else on needles is a bit bulky. I had two skeins of RYC Cashsoft in a pastel blue. The cabled sweater pattern is by Sirdar. (I've made two others like this, though larger.) It's a great, simple cable pattern, that I am convinced will go great with a little khaki skirt. (It better be a skirt I'm buying! Hehe.)

So that's what's been going on with me. I always feel bad if I post without any pictures, so that's why the posts are so far and few in between. Shawn and I have been busy with maternity clothes shopping, (I am by far growing too fast, I think), getting ready to go to the Ventura County Fair (this Saturday), back to school shopping for my son, and honestly-trying to feel better. This pregnancy has taken so much from me and with our So. California heat, I'm surprised I haven't melted into oblivion. But how could I with all this yummy yarn and air conditioning?


The Knotty Girl said...

Wow! You are a busy knitter!

I am doing the same color for my Midwest Moonlight scarf but I'm using the Green Mountain Cotton. So far so good, but it doesn't knit up as quickly as I thought it would. :(

Shannon said...

You'll really like the cashsoft. I'm working on something in that same color right now and it's wonderful to work with.

jillian said...

Your scarf is gorgeous!! Looks like you have some luxurious projects waiting in the wings!


That's it! You've inspired me to start on Midwest Moonlight. Thanks AJ!

Anonymous said...

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