October 06, 2006

Cables and Kitty Cats

In the midst of our move to Santa Clarita/Canyon Country, I started my Cabled Tunic that was designed by Michael Kors in the Fall Vogue Magazine. I am making it in Filatura di Crosa Zara Merino Wool. The swatches were what was killing me. The pattern calls for US 7's (US 5's to do the twisted rib), but I wasn't getting anywhere near that gauge. I tried US 6's...still too big. So I went down to US 5's and US 3's and got the exact gauge! Woo hoo! (I apologize that the lighting in the new apartment is pretty crappy, so the color of the yarn isn't really true to itself shown here...)
This is the twisted rib (my first experience with this) and the first 11 rows of cabling. When you look at the pattern it doesn't seem like there is so much cabling, but looks can be deceiving. I am doing the first size, which fits a 44" bust. Vogue is actually debuting their VK+ line, meaning that they will be featuring more variety in sizes. Eat your hearts out you size 32"! :) Anyway, there are two moss stitch panels, two cable panels and this nifty little honeycomb pattern as the middle panel of the sweater.

I've never done a Honeycomb Cable Stitch, but I have to say, I really enjoy the 4 st repeats. Who knew that 4 stitches could offer such texture? Ever since I learned how to do cables I've almost always enjoyed them. It's just complicated enough to keep my interest and not make me want to throw my needles across the living room!

I've also been keeping busy with two swaps. Did you hear me? TWO SWAPS!!! I am in the Sockret Pal swap. This is my incentive to make socks...not for me. I think I have convinced myself that I can't knit myself a pair. But I know I can knit a friend a pair. (It's my warped feet I tell you...which by the way, I indulged in a manicure and pedicure today. Thinking that my toes were fully dry, I put my socks and shoes on. BIG mistake! Apparently my big toes take longer to dry.) The other swap is the Secret Pal 9. I haven't gotten my pal yet, but we will be paired up pretty soon! Then look out!

I've already done a bit of browsing, (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge), and among finding the cutest little stitch markers I found her:

Her name is Simone the Cat and you can find her at Weeone's Etsy Shop. As you know, I have a Siamese cat, and this would be a great compliment to him if I had a little Siamese kitty adorning my knitting. There are also cows, skunks, ladybugs, dogs and other cats in this line of stitch markers. So check it out if you are an animal and knitting lover! Don't expect to find any Simone's though, I think I'm gonna clear her out!


Shannon said...

I really like the twisted rib. I've heard zara is a fantastic yarn. I bet this sweater will be a favorite.

Stephanie said...

I recently made a sweater with a twisted rib --- I really like it.

By the way, those stitch markers are too fun --- thanks for posting the etsy store!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes twisted is a good thing. I can't wait to see it finished.

I do love the kitty stitch marker. Thanks for the link.

Your sockret pal

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

WOW! You're knitting the Cabled Tunic!! I can't wait to see the FO!
I love the twisted rib - have been using it ever since I finished my Embossed Leaves Socks (much neater than the typical K1, P1). x