October 17, 2006


Shawn didn't think I'd post these pictures on my blog. I don't get too many pictures of him very often. (He's not exactly what you'd call photogenic.) But I clicked a few while he was frustrated with the baby's crib. I'm at 26 weeks this week, and it's time to have the crib ready. Just in case. Now I can go shopping for the right bedding.

This was him trying to understand why someone would need a belt to put around the baby on the changing table. Afterall, most people know not to leave the baby laying up there. But I guess not everyone is as smart as us, right?

In the midst of running around and putting the crib together I got to check out Simply Knitting in Santa Clarita. I had hoped for a nice, comfy store where I could hop on the bus and find reverie. Mind you, not all stores satisfy everyone's palate. This one didn't do it for me. There was a lot of novelty yarn, which as many of you already know I don't use. How many eyelash scarves can one own? Or knit for that matter? There was some nice Koigu KPPM, but not a lot of variety as I've seen in other stores. Maybe 6-8 different colors. They didn't have an organized place for their needles either. In fact, they didn't carry much of a variety...and that's what I'd been going for. US 7's circulars. How could I not own those when I own nearly every other length and size? I bought a pair of 24" and still need 36" since they didn't have any. There was some baby yarn, but no Debbie Bliss, no Aurora, no Rowan, no Filatura di Crosa...nothing I'd buy. I did pick up the newest issue of Vogue. It's their holiday edition in which that pretty purple sweater I postedabout is in. Oh it's lucious!

So since I didn't do any real retail shopping, I ordered some of this deliciousness on Ebay:

It's RYC Classic Cashsoft DK in Crush. I ordered 14 skeins, which I'm hoping is enough for the Frost Jacket in "Knitting Nature". Yeah, I've got another one getting ready to hit the needles.

Lastnight was a tiring night. My lovely little boy is driving me nuts! Luckily this little boy isn't!

He was messing around so I threw him the end of the skein from the Cabled Tunic. He loves yarn. He's such a cat!


Nora said...

I love your yarn - it's exactly what I'd buy. The "he's such a cat" kitty is sooo cute - and your comment cracked me up. Perfect end to your post.

Shannon said...

You'll love the cashsoft. Sorry about the knitting store disappointment. I have one of those crummy stores nearby, so I know what you're talking about.

jillian said...

Sorry Simply Knitting was a disappointment! The cashsoft is wonderful!!

And such a cute kitty.

craftybernie said...

What a gorgeous scrummy tummy cat!