October 20, 2006

Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice

Today was a day of shopping! Including this lacy, frilly, girly pattern knit from Jimmy Beans. I can never say enough good things about them! They carry a lot of great patterns, yarns, books...and they have great customer service. What could you want from a LYS that's not so local?

The pattern and yarn are by Blue Sky Alpacas. The yarn is their Alpaca Silk and I bought the Champagne colorway. I can't wait. (Seems like I never can, huh?)

I also bought my Secret Pal and Sockret Pal some yummy yarns...but I can't tell you what it is. No peeks either, I'm sorry to say. They might learn my identity!

Besides some yarn shopping, we went to Target. I can't go to Target and not buy something. It's one of my favoritest stores! And here's one reason why...I bought an iPod!!! Yes, we jumped on the bandwagon. I want it for when I'm on the bus or running around. Shawn wants it so he can watch movies at work. LOL. So I bought the 30GB black iPod and it kicks butt so far. Tomorrow I'll be loading a whole lot of my music onto it. I only downloaded 7 songs today...more tomorrow.

I'm feeling ok. Cramps and a bit of fatigue. I guess I'm tired of everything. Except knitting. And buying stuff related to knitting. Who gets tired of that? Or pumpkin pie? (Ok, I'll admit it, I'm not tired of everything!)

Catchya later!

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