November 16, 2006

The Makings of a Jacket

I haven't gotten far, maybe 19 rows. But that's not the point. The point is that I had to share how beautiful the beginnings of this jacket will be.

The pattern photos really don't give this jacket justice. Norah Gaughan is amazing! I don't know how she does it. In fact, I don't want to know. I'll just keep on knitting her secrets and have a beautifully made knit jacket.
In fact, I think I might have gotten my blogging buddy Jillian to make the jacket with me. *Happy* She says she's "intimidated", but intimidated my arse. If you haven't seen some of the stuff Jillian has knit, check out her blog. She's like a knitting goddess in my eyes! (Jillian, is that enough cheerleading? LOL.)

And because I totally forgot, (that's what happens when you are pregnant), I wanted to steal something from Bekka's Blog. Basically she had a list of things she wanted to do in her lifetime. She got the 101 things in 1001 days from her blogging buddy. Both of their lists are quite inspiring, so I'm following suite.

My start date: November, 16th. 2006

My end date: August, 13th. 2009

  1. Learn to knit a pair of socks (as opposed to knitting just one sock)
  2. Get married to Shawn
  3. Travel to Italy
  4. Swim with dolphins
  5. Make the perfect turkey gravy
  6. Read all the books on the Banned Books List
  7. Learn to speak German
  8. Earn my Bachelor's Degree
  9. Visit every yarn shop in Southern California
  10. Take an oil painting class
  11. Live on, and maintain, a farm (though I don't think Shawn is up for this)
  12. Go on Jeopardy!
  13. Spin my own yarns
  14. Dye my own yarns
  15. Go on a cross country road trip
  16. Visit my grandmother in Illinois and have her meet her great grandchildren
  17. Take a tour of a candy factory (I'm thinking See's would be a great start!)
  18. Walk or Run the Revlon Walk
  19. Decorate a cake
  20. Read every Hercule Poirot book by Agatha Christie (I'm nearly done with this!)
  21. Go to the World Series (I'm hoping for the Yankees and soon!)
  22. Get caught up on my recent pictures for my scrapbooks
  23. Own a Playstation 3 before it's outdated
  24. Take more pictures
  25. Breastfeed (successfully) our upcoming arrival (and not give up)
  26. Be a team mom for Jem's baseball team (maybe next year)
  27. Teach a knitting class
  28. Host a dinner party
  29. Make Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes
  30. Go whale watching in Santa Barbara
  31. Go to my 10 year High School Reunion
  32. Interpret for the Deaf (I need to put my AA into use)
  33. Learn how to sew
  34. Lose pregnancy weight plus 20 lbs. by summer 07
  35. Jog at least 2 miles a day
  36. Write a book (it will be better than "Peyton's Place")
  37. Go to the theater
  38. Buy a sheep (or at least sponsor one)
  39. Make Shawn a sweater without him knowing it
  40. Take yoga classes
  41. Spend a day at a spa
  42. Go horseback riding in the mountains
  43. Go to Las Vegas (and maybe win big!)
  44. Watch "The Godfather" trilogy all in one night, with Shawn
  45. Go back to Bible Studies classes
  46. Spend a weekend at a really expensive hotel and order room service
  47. See every episode of "Grey's Anatomy" (I didn't see all of last season's episodes)
  48. Enter a cake/pie/cookie baking contest
  49. Spend a day speaking with an accent
  50. Learn to ice skate on a lake (a frozen one, you know?)
  51. Name a star
  52. Go to Rhinebeck
  53. Pet a wildcat
  54. Knit a sweater for Scarlett (she's cold blooded)
  55. Do all the holiday baking on my own
  56. Get more organized
  57. Visit my grandpa's gravesite
  58. Go sailing
  59. Spend a 3 day weekend at Disneyland
  60. Get brave and ride a big roller coaster at Magic Mountain
  61. Have a slow dance with Shawn (this is going to be a tough one)
  62. Give a big contribution to a charity
  63. Watch the Macy's Day Parade
  64. Particpate in decorating at the Rose Parade
  65. Spend a holiday volunteering at a soup kitchen
  66. Foster home for a kitten (again, I can't get enough of kittens)
  67. Beat Shawn at every round of bowling
  68. Go roller skating at the beach
  69. Sleep an entire weekend and wake up refreshed
  70. Not spend a dime on yarn for a whole month (gasp)
  71. Meet the Yarn Harlot
  72. Make my own Jamba Juice smoothie
  73. Learn everything about knitting
  74. See Marilyn Monroe's house
  75. Dress up for Halloween
  76. Go line dancing
  77. Visit Gaulladet College
  78. Make a loaf of bread (not banana)
  79. Make the perfect chocolate chip cookie
  80. Buy all my fruits and veggies from the Farmer's Market
  81. Eat a Chicago pizza
  82. Have a white, wintery Christmas
  83. Meet my friend Jenn
  84. Eat a lobster (I've never had one)
  85. Buy a little turtle or frog
  86. Watch every scary movie known to man
  87. Spend a day browsing books at a bookstore
  88. Plant an herb garden
  89. Make my own candy
  90. Learn to make homemade pasta
  91. Tell Shawn "I love you" everyday
  92. Go camping
  93. Learn to snowboard
  94. Have pictures of me and Shawn done professionally
  95. Make a quilt
  96. Eat as many cheese sticks from Hot Dog on a Stick that I can handle (this is before I lose weight)
  97. Take at least one class next semester
  98. Do what the Doctor says
  99. Get into the Christmas spirit this year
  100. Enjoy life everyday!


jillian said...

Aw shucks! A knitting goddess - wow I'm blushing. Thank you so much!! If you knew how much of it was pure luck - really. That jacket seems like so much more "real knitting"! But I'll try! I loved reading your list - inspiring!

Kat with a K said...

The jacket is looking lovely so far! Good luck with your 101 things!

Anonymous said...

the jacket is looking lovely. i love the colour of the yarn, it is very nice.
so many things in your list would also be on mine: learn german,, take yoga classes, get ORGANISED!, have a white christmas {this one is right at the top}, but i definately dont agree with the scary movies- argh! i get too frightened! :0) x

Ellen said...

I started that jacket and then ripped it out at row 16. I don't recommend knitting it during a knitting group, lol. I am going to start it again soon. I am glad to see someone else is making this because I haven't seen anyone else working on it (on blogs)- not even on the book's KAL blog last time I checked. I will have to bookmark your blog so I can come check and see how you are making out on it. Very nice so far!

Nora said...

Wow - you are definitely the cable queen! Your jacket is beautiful and the colour/yarn is perfect for cables.

I loved reading your list (I'm such a nosey so-and-so). You should start from the top - immediately. Man, if you can knit gorgeous cables you can do socks with your eyes closed! At least try a booty for your little baba... x

M said...

gorgeous! I can help with the perfect turkey gravy. while broth is heating in a sauce pan, take a couple of table spoons of flour and mix it until smooth with some COLD water. When it is perfectly smooth, add a couple of tablespoons of hot broth. Re mix until smooth. start whisking the broth and add the flour mixture. DON'T stop stirring, EVER.We all sacrifice for our art, such as it is.

When it gets to the consistancy you want, stir some more and remove from heat.

Rose Red said...

I love your jacket - what a great project - and your list - a great thing to do - I echo Nora - start right away!!! On the socks - you can do it!