November 06, 2006

You Don't Know Comfort

Until you know Dalton.

Not much has changed in his position since I took the picture about 10 minutes ago. What a cat! I wish I could experience the comfort he is experiencing right now. Alas, the baby won't allow it. Not for a while at least. I'm 29 weeks today. Not too much further to go!

I found this on the balcony this morning:

I don't think it was sent through the Post Office because it came early this morning. Who cares though? It's beautiful isn't it!? It's Rowan Plaid in Seagull. I just heard that this yarn has been discontinued, is this true? I bought this yarn to go with this pattern, again by Rowan:

The problem now is getting the pattern. I was going to buy the kit through Jimmy Beans. Instead I bought 11 skeins for about $68 through eBay. The kit alone was $181. (including the pattern). Unfortunately they didn't keep track of their stock on the book and said it would take a few weeks to get. So here I am, on the search for the Rowan Plaid Collection pattern book. I'm hoping that the sites I've contacted have it in stock. Not that I really need to be trying to knit something else. I have way too many projects and am now at the point of being completely overwhelmed.

I'm in my third trimester and this week the books say it will be a week of "fatigue". Go figure. They are right. I'm tired. I want so much to get things done, but I think I'm over exerting myself, both physically and emotionally. So I think I'm finally going to follow Dr. orders (and the advice from the books) and R.E.L.A.X.

And before I forget, I wanted to say thank you to my Secret Pal. She is a very wonderful person. Do you know what she did for me? And what I screwed up? She ordered me a pizza from Chicago as a gift. Unfortunately I didn't get it because for whatever reason, my information didn't edit (meaning she didn't have my new address since my move in October). But I know the people who moved into my old apartment and if they ate the pizza, well I hope they enjoyed it. They were really great neighbors (pretty much the only great neighbors I had at the old apartment). So thank you a million times over to my Secret Pal. The thought alone made me want to cry. Oh, I miss Chicago!


jillian said...

Dalton looks soooo comfy. That's a beuatiful sweater pattern! Have you called Unwind - they might have that book.

keohinani said...

mmm...rowan plaid. heavenly stuff, and so squishy! you'll really like a sweater of that stuff. :) good luck in your search! i'm looking for a few cheap balls of the creeper colorway, myself.

Jenn said...

OOOOO very nice!!!!!

AJ, go to my website and pick out a set of markers. I'll pop them in the mail this week!

FairyGodKnitter said...

I may be able to help you out with the pattern, please e-mail me while I look for that book.