December 17, 2006

I've got one big heel!

I am an accomplished Knitter now. Ask me, why? Not because I said, but because it's true. It's because I've worked (oh so) hard on making my first sock, which turned into a knee high. It's because I had to read the instructions a number of times for the instructions to actually be (oh I don't know) clear! But I am an accomplished Knitter now.

Yup, that's my heel.

And that's the completed heel flap and turn.

And that my friend is what it looks like on my foot so far. Unfortunately, even accomplished Knitters, (like myself), knit items a bit too big, too small, too wide, too short...My sock seems to be a bit bigger. I went according to the pattern sizes, rather than "my" measurements. (I attribute that to the fact that I wasn't so sure that I was measuring in the absolutely correct places.) I went according to a size 9 1/2 shoe size, since that's the size I wear, (even though I've been experiencing some swelling these last few weeks of pregnancy). I went according to what I believed to be true. But here's the thing, according to the charts I should have probably knit for a size 9 to get a good fit. Maybe next time.

Oh yes, there will be a next time. (I now understand why sock knitters are such advocates of sock yarn and patterns and turning heels and, well, everything.)

After all my hard work, I called my mom to tell her how excited I was about my too big and baggy sock. She didn't realize that this was the first of the pair. She burst my bubble she did.

But Dalton, Dalton didn't burst my bubble. He is my rock of support. Ain't he purty?

He's such a ham. (And I don't mean a pig.) I contacted Scout from Scouts Swag and asked if she thought she could make me some Superwash Merino in Daltons colors and lucky for me, she said yes! Soon, I will have Dalton socks. Maybe a Dalton sweater, (for Dalton of course).

Yesterday Shawn and I had our Anniversary celebration lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant. It was both of our first times. I used to scrapbook across the way at Scrapbook Safari, and while I always got a chance to smell the food, I hadn't actually tasted the food. Shawn had some really good Chicken Parmigiana, (which he ended up leaving his leftovers on the table by accident). I had some delish Lasagna, (that gave me such bad heartburn lastnight, though it was totally worth it). And to top it off! We had Tiramisu!!! He's never had it, and though I tried to convince him that he wouldn't like it, he tried and loved it! This may be our new restaurant!

Through the rain we had a chance to run to Michael's for another Gingerbread house kit and some Christmas tree decorations. Shawn got to work early this morning putting the houses together. (Yes, "houses", as in plural!) Last year when we would talk on the phone he gave me a hard time about how "easy" it would be to put together, blah blah blah. What little he knew!

The walls seemed to be so easy.

But then he had to put the roofs on.

He has left it up to me to decorate which I will do tonight once Jem is tucked away and the house is cleaned up. You'll just have to wait and see what our creative minds come up with!


Anonymous said...

Hi AJ,
Congratulations on your sock progress! I keep checking in on you to see if you have gone into labor yet. Thank-you for making the taping so much fun on Tuesday. I made it to my son's football banquet just in time for the awards, so everything worked out fine. I don't know about you, but it sure was a long day. Take care of yourself.


Nora said...

Sheeba wants to play with Dalton...
and YAY for the sock! Told ya it was easy! x

Beth said...

Your heel and gusset look beautiful!! Turning a heel is simple - it's just a matter of following directions. But knitting a good looking gusset takes skill. Well done! I knew you could do it.

Sounds like you had a nice anniversary. It's so important to have those times together as a couple before the new baby comes. Have fun with your gingerbread houses. I can't wait to see them.

jillian said...

A heel! Hooray! We knitters completely get it. The first time I turned a heel - I just stared and stared at it :) That is gorgeous yarn too - and now you'll have Dalton colors!

[kelly] said...

Love the colors. Good job. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! The sock looks wonderful! I love the photos of the kitty! Gorgeous!!

KnitterBunny said...

Welcome to the legions of sock knitters. Now you won't be able to stop.

I just made an itty bitty sock for my sock blocker keychain and now I want to make about a hundred more (well, maybe a dozen).

Lynette said...

Sweet! But methinks you are a bit hard on yourself...from the looks of your FOs you are definitely already an Accomplished Knitter.

Love that lacy baby dress. Oooh, she's going to be so cute!

tiennie said...

Nice sock! Looks like your guys get along! Happy Anniversary too!

tiennie said...

Oh, sorry to do this to you but you've been tagged! Read my blog for more info!

Anonymous said...

Yeah on the socks!! I'm starting socks in 2007!Dalton is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the yarn they make for you.

Love tiramisu and love Maggiano's!! Tiramisu is SO easy to make at home! Just buy the marscapone cheese and there's a recipe right on the tub!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the 1st sock. I'm a new sock knitter myself and I remember the feeling when that first heel turn went just right. THat first sock is the ugliest thing I've knit thus far...lots of ladders, small pattern issues, but it's a completed sock, damnit. LOL