February 04, 2007

Sale Starts Today and Ends Whenever

As promised, I went through, (some), of my stash.

So now for the important stuff. I live in a non smoking household. We have both a cat and dog, though the dog isn't around the yarn, the cat is. He sometimes sleeps in my stash, but all the yarns are stored in bags. Just keep that in mind if you have allergies! (I don't want to be the cause of an outbreak or death, thank you very much!)

All the specs and prices are right below the picture. Everything is first come first serve. You can post a comment or email me at blueyedpenny@yahoo.com.

Shipping will be included with the price. (Sorry, but I can't give this deal to international shipments, not that I think I'll have any anyway.) I will accept PayPal payments to the above email address.
Scouts Swag Superwash Merino in Orchids, 350 yards. Gauge: 6-8 sts per 1". Still have enough from first skein to make the Knitty Gritty socks. $15. SOLD

(Sorry for the blurry picture on this one.) Yarn is Gedifra Fiocco in Black. I had actually started a sweater with this yarn, (well over two years ago), and didn't have much luck with the pattern, since then it's been sitting in balls in my stash. Only two balls have the bands, the others have been rewound into balls. Yarn is 80% cotton and 20% nylon, 850 m. (approximately 10 balls). $30.

Manos Del Uruguay Handcrafted Kettle Dyed Pure Wool. 1 Hank, approx. 138 yards. Gauge is 14-18 sts=4" on US 8-10 needles. Color #27, a variegated blue. $8 SOLD

Debbie Bliss Cathay. 50% Cotton, 35% Viscose, 15% Silk in Color #12018, Dyelot #54, (It's a dark inky blue color, it's what I made my Pullover Caftan in.) Gauge is 22 x30 for 4" square on US 5 needles. There are four skeins, approximately 110 yards each. $12. SOLD

KFI Cashmereno, (that's really how it's spelled), yarn. (This stuff is very soft and has been discontinued for some time.) It's 55% Merino, 33% Microfiber and 12% Cashmere. Color # 03 312, a dusty pink. Gauge is 22 x 30 for 4". There are two balls, though one had been used slightly for a swatch. Each ball is 135 m. Both for $8.

And last, but not least.

Rowan 4ply cotton. (This is what I made Scout's blanket out of.) It's 100% cotton and VERY thin. Color 119, Lot 25C4. Each ball is 186 yards and there are 5 balls leftover. (Two are missing ball bands.) Gauge is 27-29 sts x 37-39 rows for 4" on US 2-3 needles. $15.

I also have these books that I'd like to purge:

  • "Knitting for the First Time" by Vanessa Ann (Hardcover) $10
  • "Home: 27 Hand Knits for Living" by Debbie Bliss (Hardcover) $15
  • "Cotton Knits for All Seasons" by Debbie Bliss (Hardcover) $15
  • "Knitting Over the Edge" by Nicky Epstein (Hardcover) $15
  • "Stitch and Bitch" by Debbie Stoller (Softcover) $10

So that's about it. Nothing too exciting.

If you have any questions just shoot me a comment or email! Thanks for looking my friends!

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