March 18, 2007

I MUST be InSaNe

First and foremost, Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We didn't do much, but I did make cupcakes. I truly believe that any, and all, holidays should be celebrated with cupcakes. They are just too yummy! So I made four leaf clover cupcakes. Clever, aren't I?
We didn't do anything yesterday, aside from that. To tell the truth, I've had a rough spot for the past four days or so. I don't know why. Well, I think it has to do with the fact that I was trying to stop breastfeeding. Mentally I'd tried convincing myself that I was ready to stop. But in my heart, I'm not. Luckily my milk hadn't dried up and we are back to breastfeeding. I suppose I'll stop when I know I'm ready. But I'm pretty sure that the change in hormones caused a little emotional instability the past few days. And since I have not been on medications since last April, well yeah. (Though everyone says how great I'm doing, I have to say that they don't see how I am at home when I'm really a wreck! Yikes!)

Anyway, Shawn is also having troubles. As in he is diseased. He is ill. Damn him. (I really try so hard not to get sick I tell ya!) It turns out that a few coworkers came into work sick this week, which in turn means that Shawn brought back their germs! Ewww! He's hurting pretty bad though, poor guy. It's mainly his throat. Then this morning he turned the wrong way and now has a pinched nerve in his neck! (I did that about two or three weeks ago. Then he made fun of me, well just teasing, and not three days later he did the same thing to his back! I tell him all the time: KARMA KICKS ASS!) So he's trying to relax. (Trying is the operative word.)

In the midst of all of this relaxing, I decided to go through my stash. Not really to make myself feel utterly and totally horrible, (I can't help but to think that I might have an entires month rent sitting in these yarn tubs...tubs!). But I wanted to get my needles organized. I tend to just throw them back in the closet when I'm done using them and they are never to be seen again until I actually need to use them. And honestly, I'm sick of buying another set of size 9's, (even though I have 4 pairs of straight ones and 2 pairs of circulars and get this: I rarely need my size 9's).

So this is just part of the mess:

And here's another part of the mess:

And when it comes down to it, that's not even the entire mess. What makes the situation worse is that I decided, (lastnight), to see how many UFO's and WIP's I had. As of lastnight I had 13! As of today, the number increased, (couldn't have decreased somehow could it?), to 16! Sixteen projects on needles or in bags needing to be finished. Ay yi yi!

Which only makes me feel bad for having gotten this in the mail the other day:

It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in Peacock. It's absolutely gorgeous and uber soft! This is the substitute yarn for the Norah Gaughan tank in the Interweave Knits Spring 2007 issue. Can't wait to start. AFTER I finish the other 16 projects I have going. (Yeah, right!)

I started the Matinee Coat for Scout, but also have been working on my Dalton socks. (Which, btw, thank you all for either your helpful tips, your links, or your support. I am hoping once I get to that point in the short row heels that the tips that Jillian sent to me will help. I'll let you know. All in all, I think that yarn over cable pattern is very pretty and the STR yarn is a wonder to work with. (So much so that I might have to order Little Bunny Foo Foo for another day!)

As for the Matinee Coat, well I don't think I need to explain do I?

The yarn is uber soft, (like the Cashmerino DK), and very easy to work with. The fact that a little less than three skeins will get me a beautifully knit sweater for Scout to wear in a few months just makes it all the more sweet. I decided to do the 12 month size to be safe. She's growing so rapidly and I don't want her to grow out of it too fast. (Friday's Dr. appointment: Scout weighs 13 lbs. 8 oz. and is 24 1/2 inches long. Her Dr. said that Scout's, "a perfect baby" and I totally agree!) Besides that, the yarn seems to be great for keeping someone warm, which she won't need until the Fall.

Yup. That's our weekend.


tiennie said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of stash! Your knitting is looking lovely. Stay well!

Nora said...

How many UFOs???

Meg said...

Well, at least 2 of your WIPs are coming along great! I love the look of the coat. After I finish this dress for wee one, I'm def. going to cast on for it. And, if it makes you feel any better my stash looked the same way a couple of months ago... it took me 2 days to get it under control and into bins... Of course all the organization is totally gone now but thats ok :)

tongue in cheek said...

Hope Shawn feels better;

I breastfed my children, stopping after 16 months, my daughter drank from a cup after that.

jillian said...

I agree - that pattern and STR colorway are excellent together! With variegated yarn it can be such a toss up! And the matinee coat is gorgeous. I say don't worry about the stash and don't feel guilty about the wonderful cashmerino :) It just means there's yarn there when you need it!

keri said...

See, that's why I never count the UFO's, then I would just go crazy from the number. Now I just stick them in a closet, much less stressful! =)

Meg said...

Hey, its me again :) thanks for the comment on my blog!

Yea, the instructions for the edging on that blanket were out of control. You could still add the edging if you want... all I did was follow the edging pattern... I attached it to the blanket as I knit it. So every RS row I picked up a stich along the edge of the blanket and then every RS row I k2tog along the blanket edge. You just have to be careful that you pick up the stitches evenly along the edge otherwise it will bunch up like it did on mine... I'm hoping that I can just iron it out, otherwise I'm going to have to redo it. But yea, I bagged whatever she was trying to get me to do!

bekka said...

yummy cupcakes! oh i wish i could have one. love the look at your stash, too. and that peacock? lovely. can't wait to see how that project takes form!