April 11, 2007

What a weekend!

We've had a pretty good week since my last blog update.

Thursday and Friday, Shawn and I rented a couple movies and stayed home and cozied up on the couch to watch them. First we saw Turistas, which has made me pretty adamant that I will never, (ever), travel to Brazil, and then we saw Black Christmas, which convinced me that sororities really are evil. Both movies were cheesy, but good. Not the explicit gore and guts you'd get from an old "Halloween" or "Friday the Thirteenth", (which by the way, this Friday is Friday the Thirteenth, so beware).

Saturday we drove up to the zoo around noon and guess what the signs said: Parking Lots Full. We ended up having to drive back home. Normally the LA Zoo has a week of Easter activities around spring break. This year they only did the Easter stuff Friday-Sunday. So it was a no go. We are going this Saturday instead.

Since we didn't make the zoo, I headed over to the LYS earlier than expected so I could work on this:

That's right! They are Shawn's Stormy Socks. I finished the first one last night and cast on for the second one this morning. I still don't know what's up with the striping, but I am hoping I can get the second sock to stripe just as well. We shall see. But all in all, they are cool. Shawn tried it on and absolutely loves them. He was quite upset that there weren't two already. Talk about impatience! I swear!

Easter was really fun as well. I made some bunny cupcakes for Jem and the neighbor kids, (not that Shawn and I didn't eat like a dozen on our own or anything!):

Easter morning Jem went searching for his eggs. Out of 14 plastic filled eggs, he found 12. He needed help with 2. One of them got knocked over by Dalton's tail when he was laying on the couch. Jem made out like a bandit. He got a helicoptor set, froggy squirt toys, a load of candy, money, two pairs of jean shorts, and more I'm sure. Shawn got a 1/2 lb. box of his favorites chocolates from See's Candies and a card. Scout got a new dress and a blue and green musical dinosaur that she absolutely loves. She really loves music. My mom gave her a pink piggy bank and we both put some money in it for her as well. Me? Shawn said I could order some sock yarn, so I'm a happy woman! (Who wouldn't be?) But, I haven't decided on what I want yet. Maybe some Koigu? Or Socks that Rock? Or Lorna's Laces? I'd ♥ to order some yarn from Yarn Pirate but last week when she updated, she sold out as I was looking at the colors she had available. Literally sold out in like 5 minutes!

Anywhoo, we also took a few pictures, though I have to say I look pretty crappy after running in and out of the kitchen to make a turkey, (which my mom pretty much took over), and all the fixins. But I love this picture of us either way:

But my favorite is this one of Scout:

(You can check my flickr pictures for more pictures of Scout and the color version of this if you want to see the actual dress.)

In other news, I followed Abigail, (who is a GREAT secret pal, by the way), and joined the Hogwarts Sock Swap. I ♥ Harry Potter, though I will admit that I still haven't finished the last book. I'm maybe a 1/4 into it. (It's not my fault really, a friend of mine kinda ruined the story for me, so now I'm not as motivated to read it you know?) Anyway, I am in the Ravenclaw group and decided to post my swap questionnaire as well:

1.What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into? Ravenclaw

2. Shoe size? 9-9 1/2

3. Foot Length? 9 1/2

4. Foot Circumference? 9 1/2 (high instep)

5. List your three favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length: I mainly work with Clover bamboos, usually size 2 or 3.

6. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length? Sure, maybe Lantern Moon or Blue Sky Alpacas. Small size like 0's or 1's. Length doesn't matter.

7. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book? Do you have a strong preference? Doesn't matter a whole lot to me!

8. Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal? Yes

So that's about it. I'm happily knitting along and enjoying the change in seasons. And excited for another knit night this Friday night.


Ronikins said...

Love those socks! Impatient man? No way ;)

Knitting Mama said...

Shawn's socks are looking fantastic!!! I can't wait to knit up that colorway for Jamie! Looks great!

Ordering yarn - awesome! What knitter would turn that down! Me, I'd go for STR!!! But that's just me (and I've never seen Koigu before, so I'm not sure what that is!)

Nora said...

Talk about an action packed weekend! I don't know how you manage everything! I'll just call you supermum from now on. :)

tiennie said...

Great sock so far! Glad you had a great Easter weekend.

urbanknitrix said...

Awesome pictures and love the socks. You are just a regular sock knitting machine now!!! Oh and Harry Potter, I am a crazy Harry Potter fan, I am about to start reading the book again to get ready for the new one - can't wait!!!! My sock club is doing a Harry Potter sock as well, can you tell it is almoast Harry Potter time!!!

jenn said...

shes adorable!!!
now get back to papercrafting!!!!