May 27, 2007

A Big Pile of Stuff

I realize that my posting has been quite infrequent. But so has my knitting, I'm sorry to say. I don't have too much to update on, on a daily basis. I am in awe of those knitters who constantly have a flow of FO's, like Tienne. She makes me want to be a better knitter. (When I get the time, *smile*.)

But there has been some big piles of stuff that I've been working on, (or giving away). For starters, I haven't started another pair of socks, (yet). I decided to finish the Rowan Plaid Sweater, (dubbed "The Flood"). I had about an inch going on the front side, (the back was complete), and decided to pull it out of the deep depths of my closet. That was last Wednesday. It's Sunday and I finished the front the other day. I forgot how wonderful big needles, (US 10 1/2's), and how big yarn, (Rowan Big Wool), make a project go somewhat quicker. I am now a few inches into the first sleeve. (The best part? I have enough yarn. After getting the back done, it didn't look like I had enough.)

So it's just a big pile of grey/white stitches. For now. I'm hoping to complete it by next week. That all depends on the rate of knitting I get done with this damn thing:

I'm still trekking away with the Charlotte's Web. For some very odd reason, (and I attribute it to the fact that I'm reading "Amityville Horror" and the fact that I told Shawn it would be kinda neat to live in a haunted house), I've been having major issues with row 103. I easily ripped back a few rows at least 4 times!!! Yarnovers are not easy to pick up! Sometimes I'd get 2 stitches too many and other times I'd be one stitch short. Finally I ripped back about 5 rows and I'm now on track. Nonetheless, I'm thinking there is a ghost that's messing with my lace!

I did a little, (late), Spring cleaning and gave some more yarn to my neighbors 9 year old daughter. She's already crocheted a blue baby blanket out of some acrylic that I gave her. Plus she made a scarf with some yellow cotton. And I saw the way she was eyeing the pink cotton. I also gave her some fabric and stuffing. I feel cleansed. And I know she'll use it and appreciate it. I get the warm fuzzies.

One of the reasons I haven't been knitting is that my TMJ came back full force. Tuesday morning my jaw locked after trying to eat cereal. That was around 8 a.m. 3 a.m. the next morning it finally unlocked, but it was still very sore. Thursday morning I saw the dentist, who really didn't tell me anything new except that I didn't have any cavities. (By the way, I don't think I told any of you about this, but when my TMJ first started with the jaw locking I went to Western Dental. They took 2 1/2 hours to get to me after my appointment time and told me that I had three cavities. I didn't believe them, so I left. Looks like I'll making a complaint with the BBB for them trying to dupe my insurance company.) Anywhoo, a few hours later the pain was worse, (my face has been swollen, my eyes, ears and throat hurt, and obviously I can't eat much of anything, not to mention that I've been feverish). I went to Urgent Care and was given a prescription for Ibuprofen, (for the inflammation), and some muscle relaxers to help with the actual tensing. The muscle relaxers have kicked my butt! So I have been sleeping a lot, (when I can), and not trying to stress with my knitting, (i.e.: Charlotte's Web).

I did end up getting a referral to an oral surgeon at UCLA, so I'll be making an appointment Tuesday and hoping that they can do something, (anything), to make the pain go away. My jaw isn't locked, but the muscles are sore. I can't open my mouth all the way, (which sucks because Shawn bought some yummy doughnuts which I had to squish to get in my mouth), and when I chew I have to chew evenly on both sides so my right side doesn't hurt. What a life!

Jem started his ADD meds and is still forgetful as ever, but has calmed down considerably. I met with the staff about his IEP and they feel that he doesn't have a learning disability or need special ed. They say he's a little behind in the third grade, but as long as he does Summer School, he should catch up and be ready for 4th grade. He's excited. Also, because his birthday is at the end of June. We've discussed "field trips" and decided to see "Ratatouille" at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. We are also going to a beach day, bowling day and a zoo day. Hopefully that will keep him busy, along with swimming.

Scout is doing good. She's found her voice and using it! She really doesn't like being alone and will scream a good scream if we are in the kitchen too long. I don't think she's going to be the, "good, quiet baby", at the yarn shop anymore. I can't believe she's already five months old. She's eating even better. She still loves her nanas, but she's also been scarfing down the pears. She's still not too keen on the green stuff, but hopefully that will change. She's not quite sitting up on her own yet, but she is rolling over. And she loves to lay on her side. When we do tummy time she tries really hard to crawl. I'm happy we aren't there yet. (We aren't quite babyproofed.)

Look at those bright eyes!


jillian said...

Ouch - so sorry to hear about your jaw! I so hope UCLA can provide some options! I have TMJ too, related to the FMS, but if I wear a bite plate at night I don't have serious problems. I know this is very lucky. But I know how painful it can be and frustrating not to have a working jaw.

Your sweater is going to be so beautiful and cushy!

keri said...

Charlotte is a great pattern because you can mark up the pattern repeats ( I believe its 8 or 16 sts wide but don't quote me on it) It sure helps so you don't get to the end and find out you're off a stitch.

Also re: TMJ, I've had it for years and had many of the things you've mentioned. I've managed to get my symptoms undercontrol, feel free to email me if you want some info on what worked for me.

Nora said...

I love the pile of grey and white sts - and the littlwe b/w baby at the end :)

tiennie said...

Thanks for the link to my site! Glad all is well with the kiddos and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Rebecca said...

OMG! Scout already knows the perfect expression when meeting the paparazzi! so sorry to hear about your tmj recurrence. hope it goes away quickly. and hurray that Jems meds are working well.

KimT said...

what a gorgeous child! sounds like you have some great summer plans.