June 19, 2007

It's Been a Long While

By now, I'd usually have posted something about knitting. But, we have been quite busy. Not busy doing things that we want to do, rather things we need to do.

But I'll talk about the things that I want to do, before the things I've needed to do. First up are my Hogwarts Socks for my pal. This is what I'm getting myself into, just on the first sock:

This is what it should look like on the right side:

No, through the magic of computer technology, the ends have not been weaved in. Nonetheless, they will get done. (Eventually.) Especially since I have one more sock to go.

Two weeks ago I started the Rusted Root sweater. This is where I am now:

I tried it on last night, after putting the sleeves on scrap yarn and doing some heavy duty stitch holding. (29" circular needles do not fit over a 42" bust!) The 40-43 (size Large) fits wonderfully, if not just a tad too big. I'm sure once it's completely knit and blocked it will fit perfectly. I really am enjoying knitting from the top down and already am looking at knitting Zephyr Style's Wicked. I'm debating on what yarn to use and if I want to make the front pockets. They are cute, but quite inconvenient to knit. We shall see.

So, in other news. Last Thursday I had three doctors appointments to go to in the Valley. On the way home, at around 12 p.m., in around 95 degree, (if not hotter), weather, the car overheated on the freeway, about 3 miles away from our house. Not only did it overheat, the engine completely blew out. We are in the process of looking at used cars, but what a pain in the butt. We knew that it would happen soon. But it would have been nice to not get stuck on the freeway, (where there were no on ramps, off ramps or call boxes nearby, and I don't have a cell phone so go figure), with Scout after she just had 4 shots! Luckily, karma being my friend, a woman saw my car overheating and offered us a ride home so I could get the baby home and get the car towed. The piece of crap is sitting in the garage! Argh!

We named the kitten Pepper and she is a pip! She and Dalton are finally getting along, though Dalton puts her in her place. She loves to sleep in between the two body pillows that are on the bed, so we have to be careful when we lay down because she's still so small. But she's a lot of fun and loves yarn, just like me. Though I don't eat it. I smell it, I admit. But I don't smell it.

Jem is officially on summer break and officially driving me crazy. I suppose it doesn't help that we don't have a car that we can just get in and take off in. But he's really driving me nuts. I bought him a Paint by Numbers kit, thinking it would keep him busy with all the details. Oh no. He decided to just paint. Not by numbers. *sigh* Summer school starts next Monday, but they are not offering bus transportation from the house anymore. Normally he takes the bus that picks up right outside. But for summer school, they want us to take the kids to their homeschool and then they will bus the kids to the Academic Academy. (Which is pretty much the same distance as the other school.) Anyway, if we don't have a car by then I won't be able to take him. (It's too far to walk with the baby.)

Speaking of the baby:

Scout had her 6 month check up last week. Can you believe it? Almost 6 months! She now weighs 17 lbs. 2 oz. And is almost 26". She's laughing all the time, which if you check my Flickr accout, (on the right), you will see some great smiley pictures.

We've been swimming as much as possible, and even Shawn joined us. (He has the thing about public pools, I don't blame him.) Scout is a big fishy. She loves the water and her canopy boat. I can't wait to take her to the beach.

Right now her thing is sucking on her monkey toes:

I'm almost completely done with my UFO's, which is nice. Now I can start on some new stuff, like Wicked or Rhiannon by Cookie. Oh, and another Charlotte's Web for my neighbors 9 year old daughter. Who, by the way, I taught to knit. She's a crocheter and she's doing very well for learning how to knit, left handed too. (I am right handed, but she had a better go at it when she did it left handed.)

So that's what we've been doing. Oh and my swap. Go join my swap! It's gonna be uber fun. LOL. Uber!


Knitting Mama said...

Sean's also sticking his toes in his mouth. I hope it doesn't last long. Sean's almost 6 months too (on the 28th) and he's 16 lbs on my scale yesterday.

clothesknit said...

ooooh, weaving in all those ends would make me pull my hair out! i admire your patience :o)

tiennie said...

I've started rusted root too but have only done a few rounds. Love it so far. The color you chose is very pretty!