July 03, 2007

A Little and A Lot

I got around to taking a couple pictures today. I should have been taking more pictures lately. Maybe a few to capture those special moments, like Jem's 9th birthday. (Which was last Friday.) Or when Pepper fell asleep next to Scout in her crib. Or maybe when Shawn was sprawled out across the bed when I got up for a drink of water at 4 in the morning. (He adamantly denies that he does not cross the halfway line when we are sleeping in the middle of the night. What a liar!)

But in all honesty, the camera has been the last thing I've been thinking about grabbing and using. Instead I've been trekking away at some of my FO's. The ones that I just have to get done. Or the socks that I owe my Hogwarts Pal in about 2 1/2 weeks. Or the package I had to send my Secret Pal because I couldn't make it to the Post Office in time. Or how about paying the bills and credit card accounts because I've been lagging when it comes to signing the checks. Yes, my friends, I am in deep! (But don't worry, I paid the rent and the bills. I am working on those socks. I sent my package out after waiting in line for 30 minutes yesterday. I'm finally back on top of things!)

I've even been reading. So much in fact that last night, while reading, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, I stayed up til 2 a.m. just to finish the last 100 pages. I was half way there and then decided that I needed to finish it and find out what happens. It was worth staying up for. Next on the list, besides the few Yoga books I wanted to check out, (I want to be a little prepared before I take the class), is a 932 page autobiography on King Henry the 8th. (I blame such an undertaking on "The Tudors", on Showtime, and Philippa Gregory and her books on him and the Boleyn family.

But onto the knitting.

I finished the Rowan Flood Sweater a couple weeks ago. Here's the, (crappy), picture of me, (wearing it in 109 degree weather):

Last night I finished the Rusted Root Sweater by Zephyr Style. And then something bad happened. A hole. In the back. Near the top. I think Pepper has been messing with my knitting. She certainly likes yarn. And my Namaste bag. Little devil!

And a close up of the leaves lace panel.

Rusted Root by Zephyr Style

Needles: US 6's for the body, (circulars); 3's and 4's for the ribbing

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton in Gray

Mods: Instead of using 4's for the ribbing on the bottom, I did 3's for a little bit of a tighter rib. The ribbing on the neck and sleeves were done with 4's.

I'd definitely knit this again. In fact I was looking at some Cotton Ease at Michael's today and I'm thinking that the Navy Blue would look quite nice.

Now onto bigger and better things...I've decided to start the Wicked Sweater. In the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK that I had ordered for the tank in the Spring IK. (Since my gauge was off, I decided that this would be perfect for Wicked.) Can't wait to start!

I'm still working on the Charlotte's Web, but I've given up hope that I will finish it by the time my neighbors leave. So I'll be sending this baby off. I'm also working on the sleeves for the Debbie Bliss Diamonds Sweater for Scout. I'm 12 rows short of finishing the first one. I'm a knitting machine!


tiennie said...

Your sweaters look fantastic! I frogged and restarted my RR today and am chugging away. I love Phillippa Gregory books!

Happy Belated Birthday to Jem!

Leslie said...

Your sweaters look great. I've started on Wicked in Misti cotton, which is very soft. I'm a slow knitter and it's going quickly. It's the little decisions you have to make along the way that's slowing me down. I also have some Koigu for a Charlotte's Web that I'm dying to begin. Perhaps a bit later in the summer, though. I love your blog, but where the heck is Canyon Country? I'm in Santa Barbara.

jillian said...

Both your new sweaters looks great! Too bad it's just too darn hot to wear Flood for a while - it looks so cozy!

Can you fix the Pepper-hole in RR?

Anonymous said...

I always wish that i could remember to have the camera handy at all times. I seriously need to take more pictures too.
Both the sweaters look wonderful. You must have been dying wearing that sweater in such heat! But i am glad you did, it looks wonderful. :0)

Susan Pandorf said...

I cried at the end of Nineteen Minutes. I was reading it when the massacre at Virginia Tech went down, and it was absolutely wrenching.

But in a good way. Opened my heart, it did...


ps. NICE sweaters. Hope you can get that hole fixed up.BAD Pepper!

robin said...

Both Flood and Rusted Root turned out great! I made both of those and also made Wicked - Wicked is a fun one, I'm sure you will like it.

keri said...

Oh the sweaters look fab on you! RR is perfect for the summer!

Felicia said...

Lovely sweaters!

Rebecca said...

you are amazing! how you get all those sweaters made with all the other stuff you do. and such dedication to share the long sleeved cable despite the 109 degree weather!? it's more than i could do. whew!

Knitting Mama said...

Those sweaters look FAB! I love the color on you. Are they the same color, or do they just look that way in the post??

I want to do Rusted Root. I'll eventually get to it!