October 03, 2007

Welcome Back

A week has been enough time to, (try to), take a break. Suffice to say, it wasn't much of a break. Jem got himself in a bit of trouble, (I'm being nice here), and we are waiting for his punishment to be given, (we are talking possible expulsion). He's also out of school this week for Fall Break and he's "bored". Shawn ended up getting another eye infection, so he's been home and pretty useless because his eyes are so sensitive to light. Scout is great. She always is.

Today was filled with running errands and getting Dr. papers signed. I even tried to getting some knitting done at the LYS. Did you know knitting is easier when you have your knitting needles? Yeah, I forgot my needles. So I came home. But I was lucky. Awaiting me was a package from my SP11 spoiler. She sent me a very nice, very heavy, Chicago themed package and I think she wants me to get fat.

First, Blue Sky Alpaca 100% Alpaca yarn in a gorgeous Royal Blue. Love it!

Second, Caramel Apples, a bag of Peanuts, Condiments for the perfect Hot Dog, (cause you know, Chicago does have the best):

There was also a bag of Brach's candy, (which is kinda weird, because I just DVR'd the show "Notorious" on the Bio channel, which was featuring Helen Brach, the candy heiress), and a bag of the most delicious caramel corn. Yeah, Chicago definitely has the best food by far.

She also sent me a keychain that is a silver heart and says, "I love Chicago", a Chicago mug, a pack of White Sox pens, a White Socks pennant, (that Jem is using in his room for the time being), and a Bears bib for Scout. She definitely is the best and I really appreciate everything she has done. Thank you so much SP!

Yesterday was an errand running day as well, but I ran down to Santa Monica and did a little, (major), yarn shopping. I bought this Arucania Ranco for my Secret of the Stole project:

I know we probably shouldn't use multi's, but God this yarn was calling my name from the moment I saw it. I'm really not a big fan of some of the stuff Arucania has, but Ranco is super soft and super gorgeous. I love the brown, green, grey, black combos. Very subtle, but not. This is my swatch and I'm going to block it tonight to see if it's lacy enough. If not, I'll go up a needle size. I have until Friday to get my swatch right before starting with the first hint.

And I still need beads. I'll do that tomorrow since we'll be down there.

I also chose the yarn I'll use for the Rhiannon Socks by Cookie A. The perfect brown in Louet Gems. It's called Caribou and I love it too. I know I'll need more, I only bought three skeins. (Don't ask why, I won't tell you what I had already spent once you add three of these, three of the above, a skein of STR, two skeins of Koigu and two skeins of Kettle Dyed Manos...you understand, right?)

I can't wait to start using this, but I have three pair of socks I need to finish first.

And this the STR that I just had to pick up! In the Navy. One of the many colors on my list. There are a few more now that they added new colors. And the Raven Series in November...It's insanity x infinity. I got a great scarf pattern for this:

Someone mentioned on the STR group, (on Ravelry), that the price of their sock club, ($220), could buy you 11.6 skeins of lightweight STR yarn. (I don't think that's including shipping though.) I wanted to join last year but I'm pretty happy that I didn't. While I would love to be part of such a cool group, I want to know what to expect. Last years colors really didn't excite me, (though I did love the patterns). And if I got stuck with exclusive colors that I didn't like, then what? In all honesty, I'd rather take the $220 and buy 11.6 skeins of yarn. I could even give you my list, like that!

Which brings me to Sundara. I've never used her yarn. I've never wanted to wait to weeks before having something shipped to me, for starters. Her colors are very beautiful and I'm often tempted. I had wanted to join her sock club, but decided her costs were a bit inflated. If you take a look now she has the "Seasons" Club in which you pay $52 a month, for 6 months, and you get to choose which season you'd like as your package. The deal? None in my opinion, because while you are getting a skein of her yarn, that's all you are getting. No patterns, no frills.

So what's the deal? Any opinions, ideas, comments?

And because Nora will ask me where's Scout:

Here's Scout in her Sheepie Jammies. She's getting big people! 9 month check up: 30 1/4 inches, 20.3 lbs. And the Dr. says she really is perfect and quite advanced for her age. Oh, and if you remember "Alvin and the Chipmunks", she loves the song "Witch Doctor". (She also likes the song, "Do a deer, a female deer..." from the "Sound of Music" but I'm no Julie Andrews.)

So that's my update. I've been knitting and sewing. I've been stressing and smiling. I've been thinking and dreaming. And, soon enough, I'll read all of your blogs that I've missed!


Leslie said...

Well, welcome back yourself! Let's see, where do I start? I love ALL the yarn you just bought. I think the swatch is beautiful and can't wait to see more. That Louets is gorgeous. Like you, I'm waiting for the STR Raven Series. Got my charge card all polished and ready to go. As far as their sock club, I joined last year and am a little disappointed, so if I were you, I'd save my money and go for more skeins of what you know you're getting. As far as Sundara, she is by far my favorite indie dyer. Unbelievable stuff and worth the wait. Would I join her sock club? Not at this time, but one never knows about next year:-) And Scout, well, you can't get any cuter than that!

Nora said...

Oh, what a big, beautiful girl [sitting up by herself]!! I'm glad to hear she's doing well.
I was a bit jealous when I heard you went shopping in Santa Monica! I want to come tooooo!!!

PS: I hope it all goes well with Jem.

tiennie said...

Sweet pic of Scout! I hope everything goes OK for Jem!

keri said...

I've always wanted to try her yarns but I'm a little confused by her new club. 52/month for what? Just a skein of yarn, some months sock some months lace etc with no fancy packaging or patterns? I just don't get it. I know her yarn isn't that expensive so I must be missing something. Someone fill me in. =)

Wildfiber said...

A.J., The phone number you gave us is disconnected.
Please contact Wildfiber as soon as possible. It's urgent that we hear from you within the next 24 hours.
310.458.2748 - Speak to Natasha.