December 10, 2007

It doesn't smell like gingerbread

it sure looks like it!

I finished my first "real" gingerbread house. Last year we didn't finish them. Well, I didn't finish mine. I was pregnant and tired. I wasn't in the spirit one bit.

But this year, I'm proud to show you:

The side view of the roof:

And the back of the house:

I really love the house. It kind of makes me want to make real gingerbread. I just might do that.


tiennieknits said...

Great gingerbread house! I should sit down with my kids and do that.

christina(apronstrings) said...

i love it. hmmm, maybe i need yet another christmas craft?

Knitting Mama said...

That is super cute. Now I want to make one to eat it! LOL

Cindy said...

Very cute! I especially like the minty roof!

Rebecca said...

yay! this looks great. i tried to talk ian into us buying a kit and making one this year. can't recall why he said no now. prolly just no time to make one. but i can live vicariously through you and your projects!

carla said...

So cute!

I tried to make a gingerbread house once, and all of my walls warped in the oven!