March 17, 2006

Oh so cozy!

Okie dokie folks. The sweater has been sewn and worn. I know I'm late with pictures, but I dread the flashing lights on cameras, and I despise this picture like nothing I've ever hated, but it did the job. Pattern was Sirdar. It's made of Sirdar Denim yarn, navy blue (with a hint of white). I think I used 10 skeins.
Here is a better shot to show you the cables that are on the front panels of the coat.

The longest process of this, well for me anyway, were the pockets. The jacket had been finished for a long while, just not the pockets. But here they are! Very comfortable jacket. Goes great with a pair of jeans. Nice and warm, but not sweltering hot. It's really a great coat to throw on when you walk around the house too.
(If I would change anything, it would have been to put a button on the inside to keep it closed.)
That's all for now.

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