May 18, 2006

Summer Fashion

My Irish Hiking Scarf is knitting beautifully, and quickly. I have already added the second skein and it looks like this scarf will make a very thick and cozy staple for winter time. Here's the scarf being modeled by Darby. (He's the big puppy Shawn bought me for Easter.)
Here's a view on the needles and folded. You can see how long it's getting!
Another view, more close ups of the cables. I really love the 8 row repitions. Flows nicely. And the wool is very nice to work with for a heavier weight yarn (I've been using so much Cashmerino and Alpaca/Silk, that I forgot what DK weight feels like!)

I know I shouldn't even begin to think of something new to knit. I have counted 6 WIP's still on needles. I justify this by the fact that I ran out of yarn on two projects and don't know how to do short rows very well on my cardigan. :/ Repeat after me: I am an enabler! I'll admit it. This is from Interweave (by Robin Menalson...sp?). It's a vintage looking corset pullover. Gorgeous eh? Can't wait to pick my yarn and start! This will give me incentive to learn those damn short rows!


allisonmariecat said...

Thank you for stopping by!

Your Irish Hiking Scarf is lovely. The puppy view is the best :)

I started out as a one-WIP-at-a-time person, but I like having lots of different things on the needles. Then I always have a project I "feel like" doing!

Beatriz said...

Thanks for stopping! I love you Irish Hiking Scarf...cables are just beautiful, aren't they?