August 15, 2006


Don't they look scrumptiliumtious? Well they are. And the chocolate chip ones I made lastnight were just as good. But I love peanut butter, so these are my top choice. And I have finally figured out why my previous attempts at chocolate chip cookies have failed. It's the type of vegetable oils you use. Normally I would use 2 sticks butter/margarine. This time I used 1 stick butter/margarine, (not the spreadable mind you), and 1/2 stick of Crisco. This = chewy, moist cookies. Even a day later! And it uses more brown sugar so the cookies aren't too sweet. Yum!

A failed attempt at photographing my spoiled rotten Siamese, Dalton. Actually I think the flash was bothering him. But he's beautiful nonetheless.

And Scarlett, starting her evening nap. She's just as spoiled as Dalton. If not more, for she is not quite as picky as to what she puts in her mouth. She's been known to steal a piece of pizza crust out of someone's hand. She will eat every little morsel that falls to the kitchen floor-everything except potato peels. And she loves fruit. Cantaloupe and green grapes. Who wouldn't love that life?

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