August 16, 2006

I am going straight

Straight needles that is. I had been knitting this Caftan on US 8, 29 inch circulars. (I didn't have smaller ones and I was using the straight needles for my previous project.) Anyway, that 29" is long. Too long. Especially when working on 40 stitches at a time to seperate the shoulders. So I've finished the othe project and have gone to the straight needles. They are working quite well.

And these two finds finally came into my library. I love the bookstore. But I really love the library. The bookstore enables me and comes up with crazy justifications to buy that "oh so cute knitting book with just one pattern that I will just might use" book. The library enables me to borrow the book. At least first. Then I know what I'm getting myself into. I hate buying books that only have one pattern. Especially when that one pattern is too cute for me not to try. I have a lot of books. LOL.

So anyway, I found these two books, "Inspired Cable Knits" and "Alterknits". Both were not what I expected. Alterknits is cute and has some very nice patterns, but there is only one thing I found that I'd want to make. (And even then, if I purchased the yarn it calls for I'd end up spending $236 plus shipping and handling. Not sure I want to put that kind of money into a shawl/scarf.) Inspired Cable Knits has a few patterns that are interesting. Maybe too many cables? Some were not things I could see someone else wearing, let alone myself. But there was one beautiful sweater in there that I could definitely match up with stonewashed jeans. It involves simple cables and i-cord. What I like about Inspired Cable Knits is that the author lets you know what gave her the ideas to the designs. I also like that the models (and pattern sizes, of course) are not size 2, no bust, thin waste, no hips...I'm sure I'm not the first to notice that most patterns are put on models in the smallest size knit. Sorry but my breasts were never that small. I find that I have to check patterns more and more on their bust size measurements. What's worse than finding what you thought was the perfect pattern and then see that their largest size goes to a 36", when you are a 42"? Exactly. I like the realism put into this book, especially the real measurements!

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Shannon said...

I hate it when the sizes are completely unrealistic. Maybe you could size up easily with a heavier yarn or by adding a few stitches between panels.