August 09, 2006

Sending Out an S.O.S

So the sacque wasn't too bad...but I'm stuck. You should be proud really, I knit further than I expected. The body is done, the bodice back is done and the bodice front is done. It's just the rest. The next part I understand, somewhat. Here's the gist of what needs to be done for the neck (and then a question)...

"With RS facing...pick up and knit 15 sts along the inside (neck) edge of the right shoulder extension, 24 sts across the back neck and 15 sts along the inside edge of the left shoulder extension (54 sts). Knit 3 rows. Bind off loosely in knit."

So I think I understand...I am going to pick up the bodice back stitches and do a neck edge. Then I will continue and pick up the bodice front stitches and do the neck edge for the front. Correct?

Well this is the tricky part, (I will probably need to post a picture of it huh?). For the sleeves it tells me to, (well it's trying to tell me something)...

"Right sleeve-Overlap shoulder extensions, matching shoulder markers, with the front of extensions behind the back bodice and the back extension on top of the front bodice, bringing edges together along the armhole. (Huh?) It is helpful to baste the layers together with waste yarn , several stitches in from the armhole edges. (Huh?) With right side facing...pick up and knit 36 sts between the back and front armscye (what is that?) decrease stitches, picking up stitches through the armhole edge and the shoulder extension. (You will pick up several sts before and after the overlapped area.)

So if you speak Japanese or whatever this truly is (because it doesn't sound like knitting to me), HELP! I thought looking at the picture might help, but it doesn't.

This is what it should look like. (Maybe if the sleeves were back and I could see the underarm and all...?)


jillian said...

I'm sorry to have to comment that I have no idea :( Without seeing it. Is it one of those things were you can do each step at a time and it may be more clear?

Jenny said...

armscye - that's basically the armhole..the opening for the sleeve.

They may be just to differentiate between the garment armhole (armscye) and the sleeve armhole..aka armhole. Otherwise everything else kinda looks like origami to me!