September 17, 2006

Kitchen Aid Mixer, Oh how I ♥ thee!

This weekend has proved fruitful.

Friday night: Shawn and I went to see The Black Dahlia and had dinner at Black Angus. I'm big into scary, gory, bloody movies, but this didn't make the cut. A good 75% of the movie had nothing to do with the Black Dahlia and her murder. Some components did work, but others didn't. If you are going and expecting to see a movie profiling her and the murder, you will be let down. I thought the movie was good overall, I just wish they stuck with the story. Shawn hated it. Then again he doesn't like my taste for movies and I don't like his. For the most part, we tend to like a lot of the same films. But, he doesn't like movies that require a lot of thought. He's a guy, he needs action. Not psychology.

Saturday: We had a chance to check out the apartment building that we are hoping to move to in a few weeks. All three floorplans were great. We want a downstairs unit, but now I with we went with the upstairs. They had big outside decks and vaulted ceilings! Damnit! But the downstairs aparments were just as nice and included "gourmet" kitchens. (Every kitchen we saw I had to check and make sure there was enough space for my Kitchen Aid mixer...the one I didn't have yet.)

I also got a bit of knitting done. (Pictures tomorrow.) I finished the second sleeve to the Caftan and am now on the 15th row (of 29) for the left front insert. I'm hoping to have the whole sweater done for this weekend. I'm also hoping to actually sew the pockets on the Debbie Bliss sweater since I blocked it the other day.

Saturday night: Shawn bought me my Kitchen Aid mixer and an Ice Cream Scoop, since they didn't have Melon Ballers.

Sunday: Shawn had to take the Kitchen Aid Mixer back! :( It wouldn't turn on. Luckily they had one more (of that size) and he brought that home to my loving arms! This one worked! That's my booger butt up there stirring in the chocolate chips for the 4 and a 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies that ROCK! I never knew what a stand mixer could do until now! It kicks ASS! This model is the Artisan. It is 300 watts and has a 4 1/2 qt. bowl. It says it can make, "3 1/2 loaves of bread...6 3/4 dozen cookies...and 6 1/2 pounds mashed potatoes...". It will definitely get used!

A Special Thank You: Shawn you rock! He knew how much I wanted this damn thing, I've only been jonesing for it since FOREVER. I think Shawn just wants the prize money when I enter a Food Network Cake Challenge and win! All thanks to him and my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

In Other News: The baby is kicking, mainly my bladder! We have the ultrasound scheduled for Thursday. I also joined Sock-Ret Pal Swap. If that doesn't get my butt in gear to make socks, I don't know what will.



You'll have lots of fun with that mixer! Glad to hear you're FINALLY going to knit some socks! I can't wait to see the results. xx

Lynette said...

I covet your kitchen aid mixer. I don't have one (because there's no counter space) and I want one.

How did the ultrasound go?

Anonymous said...

My Kitchenaid mixer is one of the best things I own, next to my Kitchenaid food processor, and my ball winder and swift. Seriously, every time I use the mixer or the processor, I remark to my husband how much I love it. You'll enjoy yours so much!

Shannon said...

You're going to love it. I've had a kitchenaid for about 10 years now. Started out with the small one and moved up to the professional 6 quart a few years ago. It's fantastic!