September 15, 2006

Rippit, Rippit Good

Of course, the photo looks better than the project in real life. I'm not sure why, but now the colorway looks just fine. Alas, I am going to have to frog though. The sky blue just does not mesh with the Pinwheel Sweater's other colors. It's just too light. What do YOU think?

In other knitting news, not much is going on. I've finished one ball of the Paton's Merino Wool for the Irish Hiking Scarf. One more to go. Then I can send it on it's way to my Grandmother. Illinois weather is extremely different than California weather. She will need the scarf well before I will use mine.

And here I am bravely flashing my stash. This is actually nothing. I have another full container of yarn in my bedroom closet as well. Plus a number of projects and yarn in my knitting bag. I'm not ashamed. Alright, maybe a little embarassed. But it's not my fault. It's a disease I tell you! But I do plan on making way through some of it. And donating some of the rest to an old folks' home this weekend, (I hope).

My plan:

  • Finish the rounds of the Pinwheel sweater
  • Knit Sleeves on Pinwheel sweater
  • Finish the notorious second sleeve on the Pullover Caftan
  • Find someone to give (clear) instructions on sewing the Sacque shoulders
  • Start the second ball of yarn on the Irish Hiking Scarf
  • Continue working on Debbie Bliss shawl (regardless if it's pink)



Gee, you've been busy! I like the pinwheel colours - it seems like they 'fade out' before starting up again. But, you have to be happy with it and if you're having doubts then frog away! I've ripped out more items than I've actually knit! x

jillian said...

Hmmm...I can't tell really. It seems like it has far more blue with no green like all the other colors, but it does have a nice fade to it!

Anonymous said...

oh the guilt i feel having yarn in my possession with no actualy knitting project yet attached to it is unbelievable. what's so wrong with just needing to have yarn though?! there are worse things we could be doing, seriously. ;0) x