September 27, 2006

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

I'm in pain.

Sunday night we went bowling. We haven't gone in three weeks. We had tried to go the previous week but realized that now that school was in session, our weekly Sunday night bowling trips were limited more to the leagues. Every single lane was being used! I'd never seen it so busy. The waiting list already had three other people on it. They told us they might have a lane in an hour! An hour? Needless to say, we didn't go bowling.

But we did go bowling this past Sunday. And I'm still paying for it. I didn't think that bowling would be much of a problem. But I suppose when you are halfway through your pregnancy, nothing will be the same. The right side of my tummy is sore and it sucks! I feel like I already gave birth!

So now that I'm gimped out, I've been lurking on eBay. Shame on me. I should be packing. (I'll do that tomorrow!) So I found some yummy yarn to replace an auction I had tried to purchase before. (I emailed the seller a number of times regarding payment and didn't get a response. So I just assumed I'd have to find something else.) I bought this:

I love Rowan. I love Wool. I love Cotton. I love Rowan Wool Cotton. I used to pine for Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton, but, alas, it's been discontinued. This yarn will make this:

Which I know I've shown before, but now that the yarn is on the way, I have to gently remind my readers! Yay! I can't wait. I know I shouldn't be casting on anything, especially while pregnant because you never know. But damnit, I am determined to wear it come summer time after the baby is born. That gives me plenty of time to lose that pregnancy weight!

I had a few appointments this afternoon and then I stopped by the library and picked up this book I had on hold:

No, I'm not converting. I'm expanding, sort of. I can crochet. A little. I made a baby blanket for my friend Christy about a year and a half ago. With some help. And while making lingerie bags, pillow covers and make up cases are not my forte, I do like a few of the homey embellishments in this book. For example, there is a really cute bathroom rug pattern. And a nice textured afghan. Who knows if I will or won't. It's all inspiring and that's all that matters!

Keep those needles clickin'!

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You'll enjoy knitting with Rowan Wool Cotton and that little top is stunning. Which pattern is it? I'm jealous... xx