September 05, 2006

Third Grade

Today my son started his first day of school. Third grade. He's only 8 years old. In a way I'm sad. He drove me absolutely NUTS this summer, but I miss having him around. I had someone to talk to. Now it's just me, Dalton (cat), Scarlett (dog) and unnamed miscellaneous cleaning products. My day has already been quite chaotic.

6:00 a.m.: Wake up and make breakfast (biscuits, gravy and bacon); Throw some laundry in the wash
7:20 a.m.: Walk Jem to school
7:40 a.m.: Walk back home
8:00 a.m.: Take a breather
8:10 a.m.: Put more time on the laundry
8:55 a.m.: Fold clothes and put away
9:05 a.m.: Call Bank (my mom lost my bank card and the bank doesn't have it either)
9:15 a.m.: Call about replacing my bank card
9:30 a.m.: Call OB and get ultrasound appt. (they still haven't gotten a call back yet)
10:00 a.m.: Mom blames me for her losing the bank card (*sigh*)
10:05 a.m.: Begin dusting the ceiling and ceiling fan (not an easy task)
10:30 a.m.: Defragment my computer and procrastinate working on the ceiling

At least I have dinner already cooking and a load of laundry done. The apartment looks somewhat clean. I still have to get the dusting done. Why do ceiling fans cause so much ceiling dust?

Today just hasn't been a good day. There's just too much to do. And though Jem is in school, it's already 11:00 a.m. and I have to be out of here at 1:45 p.m. to pick him up and walk back home. And it's H.O.T. *sigh* I also learned that I probably shouldn't take my painting class that I planned on taking. So it looks like some of my plans have been a little upheaved. Maybe this will just give me an opportunity to knit more?

On the flip side of things, Jem is in school. Which means I can get my errands done without dragging him on the bus. It also means I can knit and not have to put my project down because he needs help getting a juice or wants lunch. And it also means I can rest a little. No more sitting at the pool for hours on end. No more, "Can we go to the park?" No more, "I'm bored, can't we do something?" No more spending twice what I ordinarily spend on groceries. (That really makes me happy.) And maybe, just maybe, the house will stay clean every now and again.

But I miss him. He was my pat on the back when I had a bad day. I wish it was December! ;)

School rocks mom!

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Don't worry - it'll get better. The first day is always bad! Use some of the extra time for 'you'. x