September 04, 2006

fall is here

Labor Day weekend. Not very exciting. School starts for Jem tomorrow. For me too, for that matter. But we decided that I should only take one class and not try to take 16 units. This pregnancy has taken a lot out of me, anyway, so I should take it easy. So tomorrow afternoon at 5:40 I will begin my venture in painting. I'm pretty excited. It was one focus in my art classes that I didn't do. I can draw. I can sketch. I can shade. But painting! Well we will find out tomorrow, huh?

One "up" to the Labor Day weekend is the sales. Last week, Shawn and I went to Michael's. Now I've been wanting to learn some cake decorating techniques for a long time. About two years ago I went so far as to buy the Wilton series one cake decorating supply kit. I even used the tips a couple of times. But I wanted to learn the fun stuff. You know, the piping, the roses...I want to be a Food Network Challenge Competitor one day! I'm constantly amazed at shows like Ace of Cakes and Sugar Rush. If I can't be a professional knitter/designer, I want to be a baker. Knitting and baking go hand in hand. They are my comfort zones.

The point to this rambling? I signed up for the Wilton Series 1 cake decorating classes. I bought 4 classes for $25. This month their "feature" was Buy One, Bring a Friend. Unfortunately I don't really have many close female friends, so I will be going solo. Either way I'm excited...and so is Shawn's stomach.

We hit Michael's again today. I bought a skein of Paton's Classic Merino Wool in a blue variegated color. I decided to make an Irish Hiking Scarf for my Grandma Barbara. She is one of the people who inspired me to knit. She tried to teach me when I was about 8 or 9, but I wasn't interested in knitting then. I also bought two wooden skeletons to paint. For the past two or three years I've bought them. They are great to paint with Jem. He paints his, I paint mine. Last year, after putting up a few Halloween decorations, he broke my skeleton from the knee down. It's time to make a new and improved model.

We also went to Mervyn's. I intended on spending about $20. I spent $89. *WHOA* Everything was on SALE. Check it out! Soon. I bought Jem three shirts and a pair of jeans that I have to exchange because they are a little too snug. I bought myself 5 cute pair of undies (but NO I won't post those) and two outfits for the baby. Knitters will love the inside material of this fuzzy sleeper.

Aren't they the cutest?

This is the embroidery on the outside front.

And these are the footies. How could I not resist? And for $15 it was just too cute. I also bought a 6 piece frog set. It has two Onesies like bodysuits, a sleeper with froggies on the footies, a hat, a bib and a pair of socks. All for $11. And since we haven't been able to buy too much since most places don't offer VARIETY, well I just had to! Call it my retail therapy for the week!

And here is the sweater neck line and front bands. I finally finished the last couple of rows of 2 x 2 ribbing last night .I started the sleeves today. I'm hoping to have most of the finishing done by tomorrow night. I tried it on last night, unfortunately it doesn't look too good on me since nothing is finished. That or I am really starting to show. :O I choose to think it's because I'm not done!

Last, but not least, ONE of the few sweaters I would love to cast on from the Vogue Fall 2006 issue. I contemplate it, but the colorwork. Oh the colorwork! Wouldn't this just be one of those projects that would get a few yummy rows of color done and then the eventual, "I'll work on it after this next project" ideaology? I'll say it again, I'm a procrastinator and it's usually worth it!


Cindy said...

Whenever I come across that Ace of Cakes show, I'm floored by the cakes they make! I decorated cakes for my parents' ice cream store, but never anything like that! Good luck in your cake decorating endeavors!

Can't wait to see the finished's looking great so far. I hope to knit a sweater one day - I haven't had the patience or guts to try one yet!

jillian said...

The collar es finito!!!!! Hooray! you must feel so great. And that sweater looks sooooo cozy!

Your wee clothes are adorable!

Whimsical Knitting said...

Your sweater is beautiful! Your gram will so love her irish hiking scarf, what a good granddaughter you are! How exciting, you aspire to be a challenger on Food Network, I think that is very cool!