October 30, 2006

Pumpkins, Packages and Problems

It's almost Halloween! As a kid, this wasn't my favorite holiday. It still isn't. BUT, I ♥ everything that goes with Autumn. That includes going to the pumpkin patch! A few years back my mom and I took my son to the Saugus Pumpkin Festival. Unfortunately for the area they get a lot of fires. Fortunately it didn't happen this year, so Shawn, Jem and I took a ride out there on Saturday. And just for your eyes only, because I'm not the glowing pregnant woman people make all pregnant women out to be:

I'm not photogenic. Shawn says he isn't either. But look how cute he is with our pumpkins!

LOL! Yeah, he wouldn't say he's cute. But I think he is. We had a hard time picking out the perfect pumpkins. But we did it. Tonight we will carve them.

Jem had a blast getting his face painted. (He got a skeleton on his cheek.) We also checked out the old cars, the petting zoo and we even went on a wagon ride. Shawn says Scarlett smells like roses compared to the horses. Ahhh, what does he know?! So here's a a quick pic of me and Jem...I planned to have him cover the expanding belly of course!

Saturday got even better. Shawn had a craving for a cheese stick from Hot Dog on a Stick. And a Cherry Lemonade too. Two of them actually. So we hit the mall. Then we got Jem his costume. (I'll post pictures of him dressed up tomorrow!) When we got home I had not one, but two packages waiting for me!

This was in my mailbox.

You got it! It's the Cha Cha from the Secret Pal Swap. Oooooh yeah!

And sitting on my balcony, since my mailbox isn't big enough (can you imagine?), was this yummy stuff, (there's actually 14 skeins):

Yup! That's right! It's the RYC Cashsoft for the Frost Jacket for the Knitting Nature KAL.

I also cast on for the Blue Sky Alpaca Lacy Dress. Here's a shot of the ruffled edge. Very pretty isn't it? And I ♥ the alpaca & silk blend. It's so smooth and soft. I might have to make more than one of these babies!

I also did a little more ordering. After which I solemnly (and boy do I mean solemnly) swore, to Shawn, that I would NOT buy anymore yarn any time soon. I outbid this meanie on ebay (she tried to outbid me, so she had it coming) for a Rowan sweater. I really think I'm sick. I have a yarn disease. So I'm really going to try and be good. I have enough yarn to make 4 sweaters for myself, the Lacy Dress, a few pairs of socks, 2 baby afghans (both of which are 1/2 way done), and God knows what else.

I, AJ, have a problem. A yarn problem. The problem is that there's so much yarn and so little time!


Theresa said...

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second is knitting all the yarn. At least you have good taste in yarn!

Anonymous said...

Well gal that quite a haul!
The yarns are wonderful:D

Be looking for another package. It should be there very soon.

Your sockret pal spoiler

Courtney said...

I love this lacy dress.. where did you get the pattern? Such beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

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