October 26, 2006

Goody, Goodies!

So all the impatience paid off! Yesterday I got not one, but two packages. And I have two more on the way...actually, according to my Sockret Pal, I have three packages on the way. Though, I only know what's in two of them! I ♥ packages! Nothing bad comes from packages.

First on the list is this yummerific stuff:

This is the Drop Spindle Kit I bought on eBay. It came with the beautiful handcrafted spindle and four rovings in olive green, a natural white, a yellowish green, and then some greenish blue. I've also been reading Spinning In the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. My spindle is a bit different then the ones she writes about, but I thought it would be one good way to start on my road to spinning some yarn.
My second package came from Jimmy Beans. There was 4 hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Silk and Alpaca in Champagne for the Lacy Dress. (I also bought the pattern.)

Now, I can't tell you what this is or who it's for...but let's just say there are two hanks of this softness ready to send to a friend.

And there's one luscious hank of this ready to send to another friend. (This was the first time I've bought this and I have a feeling it won't be the last. It's so soft. It would make a great pair of socks or a nice warm hat for the winter weather!)

I've already cast on for the Lacy Dress. 457 stitches! It turns out that the both the back and front skirts are knit in one piece, though there will be some decreasing after the ruffled edge. The fronts and back are also knit in one piece, but in panels. Looks like I might be saving some time on finishing! Except for the sleeves and the buttons. Nothing but good.


Nora said...

I love all your yarns - u have very good taste. x

jillian said...

Great stash enhancement! Beautiful textures and colors!

Whimsical Knitting said...

Love the yarn porn!

Lisa L said...

A spindle and fiber kit from EBay is exactly how I started spinning! And Priscilla's book is fantastic. Happy spinning!