November 21, 2006

Doing things the right way

Yup, I'm doing them the right away. I dreaded the ripping, but I did it. I dreaded having to cast on (again), but I did it. I dreaded having to knit the same 32 rows that I already knit, but I've done it. (Well not all 32 rows, but about half.) It's not that I'm sick of the pattern already, because I'm not. It's more like I'm frustrated with having had ripped it out and realized how much the differences those two different decreases really made. It looks much nicer the right way, what do you think?
I also got the extra skein of yarn from Elann but now I have to buy yet another skein because I'm running out of the darker lime green (the one that I used as color #3 and #8) on the Pinwheel sweater. The sweater part is done. I just need to work the sleeves and decided on my edging. The pattern calls for an I Cord edging. Not sure if that's what I am going to do with it yet. But the sweater would look great with a little froggy outfit that we bought for the baby.

Sunday afternoon I went to Barnes & Noble to peruse the aisles. I picked out a stack of knitting books, but only left with these two:

"Knitting for Peace" is all about knitting for different charities. For a long time I've wanted to find a charity that I could knit for. But making blankets was not really my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love to knit blankets. But they are usually big undertakings and not something I'd get done quick enough to feel any type of reward. But there are many charities in this book with a lot of great patterns you can knit and donate. I think I'm going to start using some of my lonely skeins and make some Chemo Caps.

I also picked up Debbie Bliss' new book, "Simply Baby". I love Debbie Bliss. And I love this book. It's filled with wonderful baby patterns. I really think this is her best book yet. Cabled blankets, teddy bears, Matinee coats, dressing gowns, baby booties...Definitely a keeper. There was only one pattern in the book I probably wouldn't every use, so that's saying something. I loathe finding a great pattern in a book and finding that it's the only great pattern. So kudos to DB!

And just because I can't gush enough about it, you have to try Paula Deen's Pumpkin Ooey Butter Cake. I made one last night and it's so damn yummy! (Watch out if you are trying to watch your weight because it's made with TWO sticks of melted butter and a pound of confectioner's sugar.) But definitely worth it!


jillian said...

It's amazing what a difference a type of decrease can make! I've picked up that DB baby book, too. I loved that it had a good selection of classic knits for both boys and girls, or unisex patterns. I didn't want a bunch of baby knits books, but this one was a keeper to have on hand!

Feather (BF from Two Peas) said...

Hey AJ! I stumbled across your blog pretty much by accident!

I look forward to reading more.

I love seeing your work.