January 16, 2007

Our First Day Alone

Today was our first day alone. Just me and Scout. Since she was born, Shawn was home for about 10 days. Jem has been home the whole time due to winter break, (they get an extra week in this school district). So today was Day 1. And it's been great. I should add that I don't wish my family to be gone, I like having Shawn home during the weekdays. Jem, well he's too easily bored, so having a little time away while he goes to school and hangs out with friends is nothing but a good thing. (You understand this if you are a mother of a boy. An 8 year old boy. A bored 8 year old boy.)

So today I got some things done and it feels good. I was messing around with this thing called a Blog Word Cloud. It's pretty neat actually!

You type in your blog address and the name of your blog and in 60 seconds it comes up with a nifty little, well, word cloud. Apparently it uses the words that you use the most in your blog. I am not suprised to see any of the words in there. Well maybe, "chicken". How often do I use the word "chicken" in this blog. Hmmm. I'll have to research that one.

I also had a few minutes to get a little Rowan knitting done for the "Flood" sweater. I like chunky yarn. Not always. But this is making me quite happy. Actually, I'm a little peeved with myself. After doing about 40 rows I realized that I didn't switch from my US 10 1/2's (the ones I had to make a special trip to the store for), to the US 11's, (which I had on hand and made perfect gauge). So I kept them on the 10 1/2's because I had an epiphany. I have a baby! I don't have time to frog. So I'm going to take special care to remember to switch for the front and the sleeves. Or I'll just lose a few pounds. Whatever!

Here's the big, and chunky, middle cable:

And in between giving Scout her bath this morning and me taking a quick shower, I made this:

Banana Bread. Mmmm. Makes the house smell delicious. This is the third loaf I've made this past week. I don't care for bananas, but they do make a yummy bread. If you want the recipe, email me or leave a comment. (I would give it to you, but I have bigger and better things to post as you will see in a moment.)

As I've mentioned before, Shawn's birthday is coming up and I'm not making much way with his afghan. And then last night I'm browsing through the 2007 Knitalongs when I find this Skulls Cap. Shawn see's it and likes it! The guy who is picky about all that's holy in knitting for men! He doesn't know it, but I'm going to knit it for him. I ordered the yarn this morning. Maybe it will be done by next Winter! I am also going to knit Sheldon the Turtle because he's so darn cute. I always wanted a turtle. I begged for one. Instead, my mother bought me three small turtles made of china. It just wasn't the same. So now, I'll have a turtle. Even if he is made of yarn. (And I apologize ahead of time if the links don't work, for some reason they weren't working on my progress bars when I added them last night. Again if you want the pattern links, email or comment!)

And so I decided because I more than likely wouldn't finish Shawn's afghan in time, I was going to do a little unprofessional photography and make him a Brag Book of our darling little girl who I am totally obsessed with! So after a nice bath I dressed the dirty bird, (don't ask where that came from, Jem was a dirty bird when he was little too), in a cordouroy overall Pooh Bear outfit and she "vogued" (the other photos you can check out on my Flickr account on the sidebar):

I'm not sure what she was looking at here:

Very alert this morning:

Those tiny little fingers! Ooooh how I love when she holds my finger:

And the little toes that curl up in all of her outfits:

Yes I'm happy! How couldn't I be? It seems that all is well the world. The planets are aligned perfectly at the moment.


tiennie said...

Of course all is right with the world when you have a cutie like her! Glad your first day at home alone went well.

Ronikins said...

What a sweetie! Great pics too.

Robin said...

Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing. There's nothing more peaceful that a sleeping baby.

Nora said...

Love the B/W photos - she's a little sweetheart!

keohinani said...

awwww...cute baby :)
you've been pretty productive lately, i'll give you that! that's awesome that you manage to do so much. moms are my heroes. :)
your yarn looks sooo squooshy! i want to press my finger to my screen to see if i can smush it into your cables. that sounds so dirty...but not.
and chicken? really? chicken? hmmm...that's odd.

keri said...

What a little cutie!