January 22, 2007

rainy days and the rowan flood

California was in a "State of Emergency" a few days ago. Today we are having "Fire Watch 2007". What wacky weather? (Try saying that 5 times fast!) Anyway, I was quite happy with the rainy weather that we had. For some reason when it rains here in Canyon Country, it passes by at night. By morning time it's clear. Sunny skies. But not last week. We had cold, wet, rain. We even had snow! It was gorgeous!

And then the Flood began. The Rowan Flood. I'm nearly done with the back, after a little mishap. A mishap of 1 1/4" proportions. I should have had about 15 3/4" before shaping the armhole. I kept knitting, (cause it's so easy to do), and knit myself to 17". Which is sort of alright, because I want the sweater to be long and baggy. I want to look like the uber cool and sleek English model featured in the pattern book. I'm not really sleek. I'm not English. I'm not a model. But I am uber cool. (Aren't I?)
Anyway, the back is nearly done. And then I can start the front. And then the sleeves. And then the finishing (yuck). And then I can wear it and pretend to be an uber cool and sleek German/Puerto Rican model. Oh yeah!

The family is doing well. Shawn's birthday is this Sunday. He hasn't really decided on what he wants to do. I think him turning 30 is causing a minor depression. Ok, no seriously, he's only turning 27. All the same. Birthdays can cause one to be bummed out I suppose. I'm thinking I might use a few of those cake decorating techniques I learned when I took those Wilton Cake Decorating classes and make him a special cake.

Jem is, well, Jem. Boys. Nuff said.

Scout is doing very well. Her last Dr. appointment was Wednesday. She is now 8 lb.!!! And 21 inches! She's growing, too fast. She is much more alert too. She stays up waiting for her daddy to come home from work. And at any given meal she's eating 3-4 oz. She's even starting to coo a little. Not much, but enough to make us say "ahhh" when she does it.

I got my yarn from Knit Picks for my Naked Sheldon Turtle. I haven't started him yet, but the yarn is good enough to eat. Or knit at least. I'll swatch tomorrow at my Dr. appointment and see how well it knits up before starting Sheldon. This project will, literally, start at a turtle's pace.


Ronikins said...

Why yes you are uber cool! The Flood is looking great!

tiennie said...

The flood is very cool (the sweater, not the weather). Glad you and your family is doing well - can't believe you can knit with a newborn!

jillian said...

You got some of that snow!! I couldn't believe it when I heard about that! So weird it is.

Your great Rowan Flood of 2007 is beautiful! And being uber cool is the only important thing.

Glad to hear all is well on the family front~

Nora said...

You are sooo uber cool!! x

Nora said...

Dropped by again to show u this link for chunky knits:


Anonymous said...

Hi AJ,

OMG!! I cant believe how much I have missed going home for the holidays! Your little bundle of joy is BEAUTIFUL! You must be so proud. You go, Momma!

I understand the weather thing loads, the whole world is freaking out. In Ireland there were gale force winds and torential rain for days on end, which I suppose is normal enough for January but just that much more. Poor Planet Earth!

Congrats on the lovely knitting too. You are a wonder. Keep in touch!

Christina said...

Wow.. Your knitting is amazing! I am working on learning. Can't wait to create something great.

Your baby is gorgeous too! What a doll!