February 01, 2007

I am Quite impressed!

Fawn. Cream. Brown. Blue.

Those are the colors of the Cat.

Quite coincidental that I just happened to email Cindy and asked if she could combine the colors of the Cat and make me some sock yarn.

However, while these are, (almost), the colors of the Cat. They seem to be, (conveniently), the colors of her cat.

The colorway is the name of her cat.

Lucky duck.

I should say, Lucky cat.

If you are looking for the same yarn because you have a cat that inspires you to knit socks, (yup, you heard me right folks, socks), then you should check this place out, because I just might buy every ounce they make of these colors. They are pretty much my favorites. Maybe that's why I like Siamese cats so much.

And while this impresses me, it doesn't impress me quite as much as my nifty little sidebars and the 3 hours it took for me to figure out how to post those buttons that made me want to switch over to Typepad. (The fact that I realized I didn't want to pay $5 a month for a blog that I could get for free settled in too. I mean $5 x 12 months= $60 yarn. Nuff said!) Figure it out I did. And so for anyone who can't figure out this new version of blogger, shoot me a line. I might be able to help you out. Might is the operative word.

I've also joined another KAL. Actually, one KAL and two swaps. I know I should swap less, but I really wanted to give the Secret Pal 10 round a chance. Maybe the person I spoil won't be such an ass. Yup, I said it. I'm sorry but it really ruffles my feathers that I spent the time, effort and money, (I had an International pal), and didn't get a thank you for nearly two months and only got one because the host had to email her, (after a number of my emails went unanswered). It's a shame. And I know it happens to a lot of people. All the same, I really hope that the next round goes a bit smoother.

I also joined the Sock of the Month 3 KAL because I'm hoping to get some incentive in actually knitting the sock yarn that I've been slowly adding to my stash. And lastly, I joined the Favorite Color Swap 2. I suppose in retrospect I am joining these swaps/KAL's/groups because while I love being a stay at home mom now, I need new friends. Ever since moving from the Valley and being in a relationship with Shawn, I've really learned who my friends are. (They aren't the ones who sat on their butts when Shawn and I, being 6 months pregnant, moved a one bedroom apartment in a small pickup truck, 50 miles roundtrip at least 7 times.) And I haven't met many women, (or men), who knit in this area. Needless to say I'm a bit lonely. (Shawn tries to understand my obsessiveness, but he really doesn't get it. Hell, I don't really get it some days either.)

So I'm jumping on the band wagon and hope to have a little fun. Maybe in the midst I'll get some knitting done too! In the meantime I'm gonna order some of that yummy stuff up above and some of this down below:

It's called Black Forest Fudge. Fudge. Yum.


jillian said...

That STR is some beautiful yarn! Wow. I like how subtle it is. I'm in SAM3 too!!!

Nora said...

Man, you have the best taste when it comes to yarn!!

tiennie said...

That yarn is so beautiful - you are a very bad girl to be making me break out my credit card for more yarn!

Ronikins said...

Yeah, that was the next colorway I am after, I'm glad to see they are restocking it now!

Ronikins said...

Yeah, that was the next colorway I am after, I'm glad to see they are restocking it now!

keri said...

Woo- That yarn is yum-eee

Woman who knits said...

WOW!!!!!All that yarn is GORGEOUS!!!! I'm so impressed. Can't wait to see what you knit up!!