January 30, 2007


My life seems to be divided into so many different categories nowadays. With Scout around, my day is even more divided. I'm balancing the cooking, cleaning, parenting, relationships and self-care, (even my blogging), into two hour increments. It's hard but worth it.

Especially when I see this:

That's right folks, I finished the back for the sweater. I've started on the front already, though I admit that I haven't been knitting much for the past couple of days. Last Thursday and Friday, Jem had a cold. And with an 8 year old, bored, boy around the house, well that doesn't leave much time for knitting. (Let alone anything else.) Over the weekend my mother was here {sigh}. And while she's my mother and I love her, she can push my buttons and make my skin crawl {shudder}.

Sunday was Shawn's birthday. Yay! The big 27, though he's acting like he's 50 and about to retire, LOL. Poor guy. We went bowling and he got absolutely hammered! The best part to his drunken tirade, besides making a fool of himself in an adorablely loving manner, was that I actually beat him bowling. The first round we played we tied!!! 120. I was the last to bowl on our lane, (we had to share with three nerdy, but hilarious teenage boys), and Shawn kept teasing me, not thinking I'd get those last 7 points. But I did! Oh yeah! The second round I don't remember, except that I came in 3rd or 4th. Not last, for once! And the last round you ask? Hehe. I had about 6 strikes and a spare in the round. I've never done so good in my life. And while Shawn was disappointed he lost, he went around telling everyone that I kicked his ass. Smiling the whole time! So this weekend proved to be productive, just not in the knitting category.

I am happy to say that though I ended up with some of the syptoms of being sick, (mainly body aches and a sore throat), Scout has not gotten sick. I can only imagine a 5 week old dealing with a cold. 5 weeks! I can't believe it's been that long. But it has.

We had some quality picture time. Usually I'm on the opposite side of the camera, but I finally convinced Jem to take a picture or two of me. This was the only one that didn't make my boobs look like two honeydew melons {sigh}. Some women look forward to the bigger chest with pregnancy. I am one of those who despise it.

But if they feed this cutie pie, whose to complain?

She's getting big. Too big. Soon it will be all about the mall and dating, (Shawn and I have decided that she's not dating til she's married!!!)

Jillian posted that the Interweave Knits Preview is up for the new issue. While she said she wasn't too interested, (well, not yet at least), in any of the patterns, I acquiese and say I am fully intrigued by SEVEN of the featured patterns. Though I haven't read the patterns, I can only say that the finished product is what has caught my eye. I'm sure once I read the pattern I will digress and only choose to knit one pattern that will probably end up in the UFO box for a good 4-5 months.

Tomorrow is the end of both the Secret Pal 9 Swap and the Sockret Pal Swap. I have to say that I wasn't very impressed with either swap. Not because of my pals, but because no one seemed to really be into the swaps this time around. I followed the Secret Pal swaps before joining this, and every round before seemed to have more spiritied participants. And there's been no mention if there will be another round. We shall see.

On another note, I am disappointed in the "new" blogger. I had a chance to switch over. But none of my progress bars, buttons or other photos switched. And I don't know much about html. It kinda sucks. Cindy has been very kind in trying to help me, but I'm thinking that I may switch over to TypePad. It seems like I know bloggers who are much more happy with their service. And really, I don't want to have to work so much for this blog if there's a service that will do it for me. (There's the tired mommy in me.)

Two more things. Rain. I love the rain. It was so nice to come home from our two appointments this morning and have it rain. I love listening to the rain. (Which is why I am up so late.) I love feeling the rain. I love rain in the movies. I love the smell of the rain. Rain is just great. But for the @ssholes who can not drive in the rain. That I don't love. I can care less about flash floods and El Nino storm watches. Just watch out for the people who freak out when a little splash of water falls from the sky!

I also love chocolate.

Can you guess what yumminess I made?


morgan said...

hey the sockret pal swap doesn't end for another 2 months!! So you never know what you may get!!

jillian said...

You and Scout look too adorable! Congrats on finishing your back. You must be a mad time manager - I simply can't imagine where you find the time and energy to knit that much :)

tiennie said...

That is an absolutely adorable picture of you and Scout. You are looking really great!

Nora said...

You're a supermum!! I can't believe how much you get done in a day - with time left over to spend with your man!

Thanks for the pic of you and Scout - you both look fab.

And don't worry, as long as she's being breastfed she won't contract any viruses/infections etc. Mother's milk is like preventative medicine - true, ask your doc. x

PS: I'm seriously considering switching to Typepad also.

Abigail said...

Love the pic of you and the wee babe. Shes too cute:D

You made me panic a bit on the Sockret Pal. I still have not knit my pals socks yet....all is good I can knit a pair of socks in a week and I have 30 days to go....whew!

Switch to typepad...it's so worth it....

Anonymous said...

Hey gal, sorry it's been so long since I've said hi. So busy and sick to boot.

I'm starting your socks tomorrow. I do hope you like the yarn I picked out for you....

You and Scout make a pretty picture.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to say that I am your sockret pal in the previous Anonymous comment......

Ronikins said...

Sweet baby and momma picture!!

Peggy Metz said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog last night. You have a lovely family. I am a grandmother of twins - a boy and a girl. I would love to make them the Interlocking Hearts Baby Blanket but could not locate the pattern on About.com and I would love your banana bread recipe. My email is pmetzrn@yahoo.com - I hope to have a blog soon. Thank you and I look forward to visiting your blog in the future. Peggy Metz