March 03, 2007

In Other News

Oh boy. Much going on in such a short period of time.

But I have to start with this:

Jillian and I did a little yarn trade this week and she popped in a little card with the cutest Siamese cat on it. Maybe a younger version of Dalton? And while I love the yarn she sent me, the card, I think, is the best...especially because of the heartfelt message. So thanks Jillian!

And here's the yummy yarn! There is 5 skeins of Angora soft in a light blue and a skein of Koigu KPPM in blues. Oh la la! (Shawn saw the Koigu and said he'd take that for his socks. Ummm no!)

In fact, I ordered his Stormy Weather yarn from STR and will cast on for his socks when it gets here.

The Car. Shawn went to the mechanic and was told that he probably didn't really need an entire new engine if we had been able to do a couple 50 mile round trips to the Valley, (where our doctors and my mom are). So they have decided to just fix the head gasket and go from there. I think we are dropping the car off this Monday. So cross your fingers.

The Kids. Scout, well she's doing wonderfully. She's smiling a lot now, which I absolutely love. It makes me giddy. In the mornings when she's done eating and it's diaper time, she lays back and smiles and makes cooing sounds. It's bliss. Jem on the other hand, well we've had a tough week with him. I'd like to chalk it up to being a boy. (If you have boys, tell me your horror stories, they will make me feel better.) He also had to go to the dentist yesterday and you could only imagine. FOUR cavities and they have to extract a baby tooth, (a molar). So we have three more appointments in the next month or so. Lovely.

The lifestyle. Yes. My lifestyle may have to change a bit. I was warned that I may have to take a $400 a month pay cut and it's killing me. They don't know for sure. But it's expected to start for next month if it does go through. *sigh* I've had a heavy weight sitting in my stomach since yesterday. While we do have a few luxuries, (and believe me it's not like we are driving a Jag and going bar hopping in the Bahamas), we aren't financially well off. We make things work, but that's getting old. But now, well I don't know. Shawn was offered to work for his company on Saturdays and that would make up the difference. (While financially that would be great, I feel selfish in thinking: "We don't have much time together as it is, if he works Saturdays then what?" and "I really don't want him to have to be responsible for my bills alone.") Then there's the option of me taking a p/t job somewhere in the evenings/weekends, so that I can still stay home with Scout during the day and make a few extra bucks to keep us afloat. I don't think Shawn wants me to do that though. I think he'd rather work the extra day a week and have me stay home with Jem and Scout. He's wonderful isn't he. I'll have to let him know that.

But everything else, well everything else is ok. I'm trying to keep my chin up, (like I tell so many others when things aren't looking too good), and keep the anxiety at bay. I know in the end things will be fine, as they always turn out. It's just all those "what if's" in between, you know?

What if I went and knit?

My second sock might get done.


jillian said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the package! And relieved you posted your SP10 answers first - I may very well have sent some purple!

That sux about the $ situation, I remember my sister always going through rough patches, and yet it always did seem to work out OK in the end. Sometimes I wondered how she did it. Maybe you could work in a LYS p/t?

tiennie said...

Oh AJ. I think things will work out for you. I'm wishing you all the best! I worry a lot and then I have to stop and count my blessings - healthy family, healthy me, etc.

Have fun with the sock knitting!

I like your new blog look too!

Beth said...

Hang in there, honey. Things will be okay. Let Shawn take care of you and the family if that's what's needed and don't worry about it.

All shall be well.

That's what I always repeat in my head when anxiety starts to creep in.

All shall be well.

keri said...

Sending positive thoughts your way that things work out for you. Sometimes things happen for a reason, it's just a matter of figuring out what that is. =) It always turns out better than we can imagine.


tongue in cheek said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, just breath and take each moment as it comes. You will ride on the wings of grace, trust that.