March 07, 2007

Just a few things

If I were a cat, this is what I would do all day too:

How in the world could a cat not want to be a cat? How in the world could a human not be utterly and completely, 100% jealous? I know I am. Right now the head honcho is perched on the balcony, tauting Scarlett with his swinging tail. When I die, I hope to be reincarnated as a spoiled rotten cat! Those of you who succumb to His Highness understand what I'm saying.

Things are going pretty well. When I mean "pretty well", I mean I am 50/50. But I'll tell you what! I'm 100 on this:

That's Giraffey modeling the second River Sock. That's right folks, I don't have SSS quite yet. I wish someone had told me before that completing the second sock really is easier than completing the first. When I first started to knit I never took notes about how many rows I completed or where I decreased/increased. Talk about disorganized. But now? Now I take meticulous notes, (though I admit there are times when I'm lacking), and know exactly how many rows I have and where I should be decreasing. Thanks to the notes, I'm not so confused as I knit along with this second sock. I'm excited to have a pair. I'm excited to have a FO. (Now if I could finish those three cabled sweaters, the two half completed afghans, the two baby outfits that Scout will outgrow within a few pounds...)

The 50/50...Well, two nights ago Scout had the fussiest day/afternoon/evening we've ever experienced. She was so tired, but she just couldn't sleep. The vibrating bouncy chair didn't work, rocking her in the car seat didn't work, laying her in bed alone didn't work, laying with her in bed didn't work, leaving the light and mobile on in her bassinett didn't work, holding her didn't you get what I'm saying? Shawn took her for a car ride, (he said he played a 1/2 a CD), and while that worked for five minutes, it didn't work in the long run. What did work? you ask. I let her lay on the couch until she could fall asleep and stayed up til about 1 a.m. (This was after an entire day of NO napping.) She finally fell asleep and ended up sleeping great yesterday.

So what's the problem you ask? Well sometimes we aren't sure what's wrong. I mean, there are the "I'm hungry" cries, the "I've got poop" cries, the "I've got gas" cries, the "hold me now I want attention" got the idea by now right? Shawn's solution? Buy a baby swing!

Now, I'm not totally for or against the idea. After putting her in it last night, I know she ♥ it. The problem I struggle with is her getting too used to it. (I have a friend who put their daughter in the swing a good 95% of the day. Guess what? If you tried to take her out, she would scream bloody murder.) Shawn knows how I feel, so we are really going to limit her time in it. I think her favorite part of the swing is the music though. She tries so hard to figure out where the music is coming from. (Hint: it's in the battery box on the left.)

Shawn also said he'd buy me yarn for this, (as seen in IK Spring 2007.

I really wanted to stick with using the Zodiac by Karabella. Here's the thing, when doing a somewhat large project, (meaning I need more than four skeins), I like to buy through Ebay. They are usually cheaper when you are buying 10 skeins at a time. (For this I need 9.) Well there are a few lots available through Ebay, but they don't have the "right" color. I really love the dark brown shown in the magazine. And I think that if I didn't do brown, I'd have to find the right green or blue. So go vote for one of the substitutes below, because this is what I've narrowed it down to:

This is Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in Delft Blue. (It's also on sale for $4 a ball.)

This is RYC Bamboo in Cambria. This is one of the new lines that Rowan has brought to the Spring 2007 collection. I love the color, though I really need to feel the yarn before trying it. Of course, I could buy just one skein and swatch it and go from there. Again, the color is gorgeous.

This is what's really catching my eye. It's RYC Cashsoft DK in Kingfisher. I've used the Cashsoft before and it's luxurious to say the least. The only problem I have is that the color shown here isn't the same as other pictures I've seen of the color, (obviously varying from monitor to monitor). If the yarn color was exact to this, it would be my first pick.

Anyway, help a girl out!

I just wanted to say, too, thanks for all the well wishes. I got things straightened out and I won't have to take a paycut. I also got a job interview set up for Saturday morning, so I might take something in the evenings just for a few extra (yarn) dollars.


tiennie said...

Ack! I'm bad at decisions. What I decide is that you decide!

Don't worry too much about the swing. I'm sure she'll be fine and you get some more free time! I mean really, how many 16 year olds do you see in a swing?

Anonymous said...

i love that pattern too. when i first looked through the issue i didn't really see anything that i HAD to make, but on second look i just LOVE a lot of things.
tough choice. i really like the debbie bliss cotton, the colour is really nice. but i truthfully think that they are all gorgeous :0)

bekka said...

the more i look at zodiac, the more i like it. i love that brown, but the blues you picked out are lovely, too. where is the debbie bliss yarn on sale for $4 a ball? do share. i like the kingfisher coloway, from what i can tell... a blue-grey, right? with maybe a hint of green?

keri said...

I often think I'd like to have my dogs life for a day - lolling about outside, puppy treats, head scratches, what a life! =)

I'm voting for the cashsoft, I love that stuff, it's so soft and luxurious, and I believe it's superwash also, a nice bonus for any top.

Cindy said...

I love how all cats have the same behaviors, hee hee.

Glad you found a solution to Scout's fussiness!

I vote for the Cashsoft - that color is gorgeous!

Nora said...


Knitting Mama said...

Hi, I'm Robyn. I'm actually a hostess in SP10. I'm a new mom and I've come across your blog.
Just wanted to say hello!

jillian said...

I get jealous of my spolied rotten kitties too!

I love the cashsoft the best (even in a similar color - it is incredible to knit with) and the cotton DK the best. I worry that the bamboo blend may have too much give for that type of shirt style.