March 22, 2007

Sally Sold Seashells by the Seashore

Ok, I have no idea who Sally is. But today's post is sponsored by the letter "S" as per the meme that Bekka posted on her blog, (and she got it from Metaphorical Magpie). Basically you take a letter, (any letter), and then you list ten things that you ♥ that start with that letter. Bekka didn't know what letter to choose, so I chose "J" for her. Go check out her list! She emailed me and chose "S" for me. So here goes:

1. Sweets. I ♥ sweets! Gimme sugar! Yes, sweets are good. I love to bake and of course, when you bake, you must taste. Shawn and I both have sweet tooths. So much so that last night I made a batch of brownies. Just to sweeten the deal I added some ice cream and Smucker's caramel sauce. I'm happy to say I didn't go into a sugar coma!

2. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. It's the day that I can sleep in, (a little), with Shawn. The fact that he's still in bed next to me on Saturday mornings are wonderful. No waking up at 5 a.m. to go to work for him. And a good 90% of the time he makes me a yummy breakfast too! (He's becoming quite the cook. When I try to make breakfast on the weekends he shoo's me out of the kitchen and does all the work!)

3. Shawn! I ♥ Shawn. He's my hero!

4. Scary Movies are my favorite. I love the thrill and the gore. The blood and the mystery. My mother thinks I'm sick. Maybe I am. All the same, they are just fun to watch...even the cheesy ones. (Which reminds me, if you haven't seen "April Fool's Day" rent it on April Fools Day. Oh it's great!)

5. Scout's Smiles just make my day. She lights up the room with those smiles. See?

6. Sunflowers make me happy. When I was younger, my mom and I planted a garden on our second story balcony and the only thing that I could get to grow were sunflowers. My mom, on the other hand, grew watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers...the list goes on. But the sunflowers were the best. They grew to like 6 ft. tall! I have a green thumb, however little it may be.

7. Socks keep my feet warm and cozy. They don't even have to be knit, though I am becoming quite partial to knit socks, (hint hint). I was born with club feet and had corrective surgery when I was two days old. It took years of ugly shoes and all that to walk perfectly straight. I still carry the scars on my ankles. And because I wore casts for a while it caused a little piece of skin to cover my big toes. U.G.L.Y. So I hate the look of my feet and I really hate wearing shoes. (They are very impractical.) So the solution=Socks!

8. Stars are sparkly. I love watching the sunset and seeing that first star peeking behind the blue blanket of sky. Simply beautiful. It's a reminder that there is something besides life here on earth. And how can you resist making a wish on that first star you see for the night?

9. Saddles go on horses and I ♥ horseback riding, though I admit it's been well over a year since I've cowgirl'd up and went riding. I rode on my first pony when I was 2 years old and eventually worked on a farm for free horseback riding lessons when I was 8! I miss riding on the weekends. I would ride from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. sometimes! And then other times I just worked with the horses. I miss it though. There's something very special about horses, (though they scare the crapola out of Shawn, LOL).

10. Secret Swaps are becoming one of my favorite things to do. I've really enjoyed meeting new people like Abigail who spoiled me in the Sockret Pal Swap. If you haven't read her blog, please do so. She's very inspiring! Right now I'm in three swaps, two of which are ending soon while the Secret Pal 10 Swap has just started which my hostess Robyn is making very fun and special.


keohinani said...

scout gets more adorable by the day, it seems. look at those cheeks! it's funny how you watch other people's kids grow up before your eyes on these blog things. hunh.

Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Glad you're having a great time in SP10!

I love my Sean too! LOL

Ronikins said...

That's a great pic of you and your man!

tiennie said...

Love the SSSSSSSS! That's a great pic of you and Shawn too! (Any pic of Scout is cute, as always.)

Nora said...

Like everyone else here, I love the photo of you and Shawn. And of course Scout - she's so pretty.