March 26, 2007

Spring is in the air (sort of)

If you knew me, I mean really knew me, then you would know that I change my mind often. It's not that I'm indecisive. Sometimes something more appealing comes along and I decide to take the path less taken. And while I really liked the red, black and white Ripple colors I had first chosen, I found something much more appealing, like this Cascade 200.

I've only chosen 4 colors for now, but there are one or two more blues, (lighter shades), that I think would look great in this combination. My original plan was to do browns and teals. But I couldn't find the right shades in the same yarn. (I didn't want to do one fine yarn and then one bulky yarn, back and forth, forth and back.) So that's when I did the red, black and white. I tried to crochet with the yarn, but it splits too much for me. And since I don't crochet all that great in the first place, well I want something to showcase the yarn...not my crappy crochet abilities. Such as they are.

And while I don't have any actual knitting pictures, (I know, how dare me?), to show you, I can assure you that I am closing in on an FO. I hope to have it done to show tomorrow! Excited, aren't ya?

In other news, Spring is here. Sort of. Two weeks ago we were having 80 degree weather. Jem was swimming. I cut some jeans and made them into shorts. I even had to turn the a/c on one night. Last week though! Rain. Fog. Cold. We had a very nice Saturday around here, which has now turned into a Storm Watch tonight! Crazy California weather!

But the flowers are out in full bloom and Jem stole a few from here to show me:

I wish we had flowers on our side of the apartment. But the little bratty, snot nosed, make noise at 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. children upstairs have destroyed all the flowers over here! (Amazing how you can love your own children but hate other peoples huh? *wink* I don't usually dislike children, there is a handful though. Like the ones who destroy the flowers that were outside MY window for me to see! *sigh*)

Scout says it's spring time with her chicky pj's:

Cute, huh? You know you want a pair!

Scout has been smiling a lot lately. And giggling. Oh the giggles. If you were having a really bad, depressing sort of day and you heard her giggle! You would be busting up laughing too! Not too sure what she is laughing at, but it's funny all the same:

And then when she's peaceful...Well she's a mellow girl. (Most of the time. She's in that teething stage, so some days are a bit fussy than others. I can't say that I don't blame her though.)

I've been keeping busy. I didn't take the job. I decided it would be better for me stay home. Shawn is a wonderful daddy, but with Scout teething and me stopping the's all just too much. Especially because I am starting my meds again. It's a huge adjustment for all of us. Taking on a job with all this stress right now wouldn't be fair. And since the finances are, (somewhat), in order, I don't really need the job. I'm content with staying home with Scout and just being a mom.

BTW, any of you moms of babies or toddlers that still wear diapers shoot me an email! I found a great website that sells diapers, (wipes, formula, etc.), for really cheap! They deliver within 1-4 days. Free shipping on orders over $50. They will take coupons. They do the "mom referrals". And since I did a little calculating, it really is a cheaper option than running to the store for nappies. (I figure what I save on nappies, I can use on yarn. Slick, aren't I?)


tiennie said...

You should do what's best for you and your family!

I miss the baby giggles...they're too cute.

Knitting Mama said...

Cascade yarn is yummy!

I use nappies - but I dont think your site would be good for me in Canada... oh well!

Where is your knitting accessory post??!!! :)

Meg said...

She is such a beautiful baby girl! I'm sure those giggles are too much... I can't wait til out little peanut makes an appearance and starts giggling and smiling! I think DH and I would definitly make use of that site... considering we've got a good amount of diapering ahead of us!

Also, I like the color combination that you chose. Its seems like a better fit.

Ronikins said...

Love this color combo, it's my favie right now too. I'll have to go check that site, thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the new colorway, and I can empathize with the changing your mind thing... I have been going back and foth for a couple weeks over whether or not I shold do a ripple blanket- I want one but I need to get yarn and I can't find the right colors and, well, you get it. Your daughter looks adorable in those jammies- I think my daughter had the same pair a couple sizes ago- baby pajamas are the cutest thing ever!
-youe Secret Pal 10

Ninabeena said...

I really like the new colors you chose for ripple and your baby pictures are always adorable.