April 21, 2007

50% OFF!!!

Yeah, you guys know me. I love to save money on yarn, but I don't tend to buy a bunch at once unless I have a project already in mind. However, the LYS is having a 50% off everything SALE, starting today! I went with the intentions of only buying some Koigu for a pair, or three, of socks. I wanted to get some for Shawn too. So I did.

Top Right: Lana Grossa "Elastico" in a Bubblegum Pink (it's a cotton/polyester blend), (480 yards can yield something for Scout, right?)

Bottom Right: Two more hanks of Cascade 220 for my Ripple Afghan, that I intend on starting this week. (I hope.)

Bottom Left: Two skeins of Koigu KPPM in dark greens for a new pair of socks for Shawn.

Top Right: Two skeins of Karabella Margrite, (an extrafine merino and cashmere blend), in a baby blue for a cabled hat and scarf from "Cables Untangled". (I have a feeling I will need more though, so I might pick up another skein or two tomorrow, while I can still get it on sale.)

So that's my stash enhancement for now.


jillian said...

Yummy stash enhancement! Great colors all.

Crochet Goddess said...

Beautiful yarn.

Knitting Mama said...

I am in love with your turquoise cascade. how much was it on sale? I may have you ship me some if you accept paypal!


Nora said...

Love the colours - especially the Koigu and the Scout ones.

tiennie said...

Great purchases!

tongue in cheek said...

You always pick the nicest colors!
I cannot wait to see what you will create with them.

bekka said...

nice colors and at 50% off? can't beat that.

Rebecca said...

50% off?? No kidding? My LYS has never had a 50% off sale!