April 20, 2007

Little Lamb

About a week ago I ordered some more stitch markers from Jillian's Etsy. I got them in the mail the other day, aren't they cute?

I already had some light colored Siamese cats, but I wanted a set that looked like Dalton, (can you tell that I'm obsessed with my cat?). Anyway, now I have four Siamese kitties and they won't be lonely!

I've been working, relentlessly, on the Cabled Tunic. Last night I finished Row 19 of the twisted rib. Twisted rib feels like it takes four times longer than just a plain old K1, P1 ribbing. But it does give the edging a bit more of give, elasticity wise. And it's pretty. I can't complain.

I started my Little Bunny Foo Foo Socks, (I don't have a name for these, so I'm going with the colorway name):

It's, as you can see, a toe up sock. I'm using a pattern from the new Charlene Schurch book, "More Sensational Knitted Socks". But you'll have to wait and see which one! No sneak peeks this time!

Life around here has been kinda quiet. Yesterday, Scout had her four month check up. 14 lbs. 13 oz. and 25 1/4" long!!! I can't believe it. Her Dr. said she's a wonderful baby and I'm lucky to have such a mellow little girl! I agree.

It started raining around 6 a.m. this morning and though I don't tend to keep the windows/blinds open on a sunny day, they are today! I ♥ the rain! But since it's a little chilly I dressed Scout in her Little Lamb outfit, (it's the one I blogged about in August/September). She's still a bit too little to fill it out, but she's still cute.

Isn't she?


Knitting Mama said...

Sean weighs the exact same as of Monday!

Love Little Bunny Foo Foo!

tiennie said...

So cute!

I can't wait to get my little bunny foo yarn.

Nora said...

Awwww... So sweet.

The Imperfect Knitter said...

Isn't Scout so gorgeous , and oh my , isn't she just like her Daddy.

tongue in cheek said...

Little baby Scout is growing and growing!! Thank you for showing her! She is a doll.

bekka said...

what a sweet little lamb, though, she looks like she doesn't like to be a lamb at all?

Little Bunny Foo Foo Socks are pretty. and you're learning toe up? i'm so envious. i want to do that, too.