June 07, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Two weeks ago I decided to try and finish the Rowan Flood Sweater. After all, the back was finished and it been wasting away in the closet. So I finished the front in two or three days. I trekked along and did a sleeve. Two days later I did another sleeve, (in one day). I was driven by knitting madness. That night I stayed up til 1 a.m. and did the seams.

Too bad I ran out of yarn to do the cowl neck. *sigh* I had decided to do the XL size, rather than the large. And since there is one skein difference, when I ordered the yarn on eBay originally, I was one skein short. So, lucky for me, the woman I ordered from still has this in stock, (the Rowan Plaid is a discontinued yarn now). The best part? It's only costing $6.50 and no shipping charges! That's a deal. Check out her eBay Shop. She has really great deals on Debbie Bliss and Rowan.

While I put the sweater on hold I decided to work on my Charlotte's Web with the last skein of Koigu that I bought over the weekend. I really wasn't sure it would work because the Koigu wasn't a multi colored like the previous two I had. (The problem was that the shop carried a lot of different colors, but no blue multi's.)

And voila!

It's finished. And quite lovely if I do say so myself. I showed my neighbors upstairs and her 9 year old daughter loved it. (She's a crocheter, but I told her I would teach her how to knit before they move.) I'm thinking I might make her one for Christmas, maybe in some pinks. She'd definitely get some use out of it.

I liked the project. Especially seeing how the colors all flowed. The yarn overs, as I expected, were a pain in the butt. Overall not too many problems though.

Charlotte's Web by Koigu

Yarn: Koigu KPPM and KPM, 3 skeins in various blues/greens

Needles: US 6 circulars, 29"

My other good news?

My Secret Pal sent me a very, very nice gift. I got it this afternoon, yay me! She knows the way to my heart I tell you! 5 skeins of yellow, (the most perfect shade I might add), Debbie Bliss cotton DK yarn, chocolate, (ALL mine), and a bottle of Warm Vanilla Sugar hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

She also sent Scout two adorable outfits for the summer! Isn't she the greatest? I have to say that I really had fun this round!

And to top off the deliciousness of this post:

Our new addition to the family.

I drove with Shawn to work this morning to pick up our new kitten and here she is. She's a bit timid, but very playful. She has already gotten into the yarn, (I'm working on Scout's diamond sweater), and likes to bat at my knitting needles. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with Dalton though. Normally we don't have problems with him warming up to kittens, (I've foster mommy'd kittens before), but he was hissing at her today. Jealousy doesn't suit him. I hope he gets over it soon.

We don't have a name yet, so if you have any suggestions by all means, leave a comment! I thought "Snoopy", but I think it's too much of a boy name. We'll see.

So that's been my week. Oh, and I went to UCLA to see someone about my TMJ. They really didn't tell me anything different, but they want me to go back for a CAT scan, X Rays and they want to do a dental impression for a splint. In the meantime, they just said to continue taking the Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. My jaw is feeling a bit better, though it's still sore. I've been trying to stretch my muscles in my mouth and it seems to help even though it still hurst. It doesn't hurt as much. I guess that's a start.


Nora said...

Love the kitty... but I wanna see Scout!

PS: Love your knitting too - especially the Rowan sweater.

Susan Pandorf said...

Have you tried Rockabado?
Rockabado exercises are a series of jaw and mouth placement exercises designed to help alleviate pain / teach better mouth position to TMJ sufferers (of which I am one.)Ask your doc about them. My physical therapist put me onto them. I could mail you a copy.

Too bad the kitten's not a boy. You could name him Rockabado (Rocky for short.) What about Domino?


jillian said...

The Flood sweater is gorgeous! I love comfy pullovers like that. And yah - Cucumberpath is the greatest. So glad they still had the yarn for you.

The Charlotte's Web is also GORGEOUS. You are on a roll.

And oh my gosh - a kitten! The cuteness. No names pop right up, but I'll think on it.

bekka said...

the flood sweater is great. i'm glad you'll be able to get the last skein you need. that's the worst thing ever!

your charlotte's webs is gorgeous! wow. i may have to take that on. but i've never made a shawl. is it made from the center? with one of those provisional cast-ons? i may have to take a class or something, i cannot figure it out for myself on other shawl patterns i've tried.

what lovely goodies your secret pal sent to you.

and the new addition is so sweet. oh i love kitties. try snoopi with an I to femme up her name. i'm sure something great will come to you, if you don't use snoopy.

hope those folks at UCLA can figure out how to relieve your TMJ problems. have you had surgery already?

Cindy said...

Oo that shawl is gorgeous!

And the new kitty is so adorable! I hope Dalton warms up to her soon! How about Oreo?

tiennie said...

Cute kitty!

Your Charlotte is amazing! The sweater is great too - that's cool that you were able to get more yarn to finish it.

Susan Pandorf said...

Send me an address if you'd like me to send you a copy. There are only 6 of them and they're not hard to do.

Your kitty is adorable also! They grow up so fast...

Madam Ferula said...

Your FO's look great! I love the blues in the Charlott's web - gorgeous!

robin said...

I liked making Flood - I ended up giving it to a friend as it turned out too big so I don't have pictures of it, unfortunately. Yours looks great! And what a beautiful kitty!