June 11, 2007

Rusted Root

Way back in September I bought the Rusted Root pattern by Zephyr Style. In October I bought a few skeins of Rowan Wool Cotton in a pigeon grey color. (Wool Cotton is my fave and the fact that I saved a few bucks on it made the deal all the sweeter!) Nonetheless, no matter how easy the pattern could be or how nice the yarn was I still hadn't knit it. I did make a swatch. To my dismay, I wasn't knitting to gauge and I'd have to go up to size 7's, (instead of 6's).

But Friday night came around and I went to the Stitch and Bitch at Simply Knitting, with a new swatch, (that was knit to gauge), and the goal of at least starting the pattern. However, I didn't start the sweater at the SnB. I did have a chance to show off my newly finished Charlotte's Web, (which by the way, I blocked last night and it makes a big difference in size), and I worked on Scout's Debbie Bliss Diamond Cardigan. (More on that in a moment.)

I left around 8 or 9 and when I got home I cast on for the Rusted Root sweater. This was my first attempts at knitting a sweater in the round, and I must say that I'm quite pleased. I especially like the sleeve increases. Very nice and linear.

The lace pattern is very easy as well. (Can't beat that.) It's a 15 stitch, 10 row repeat. (Even numbered rows you just knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches.) I like the repetitiveness of knitting in the round and a little bit of excitement when you get to the lace panel. It's kind of hard to see at the moment, (I blame lighting and positioning), but the lace panel makes the stitches turn into leaves.

So I'm happy. (And the reason I started the sweater was because I'm awaiting the last skein of yarn to arrive from England so that I can finish the Rowan Flood sweaters neck.) And I don't believe that socks count as a project. (I can justify almost anything.)

So Friday night I didn't really get too much done. In part because I was talking a lot to the other ladies and in part because, (ssshhh, don't tell anyone), I wasn't feeling the vibe from some of the women. I was talking to my neighbor about this the other day and how I felt "out of place" when I used to go to the scrapbook crops. Sometimes there are some people who look down on you and make you feel like you aren't good enough. Unfortunately that was how I was feeling Friday night. On the flip side, one of the girls there that I talk to told me she'd meet me on Thursday so she can help me with my crocheting for the Ripple blanket that I intend on starting. And I could sure use the help. (I don't do the increases/decreases so well.) Anywhoo, I did finish the front to the Debbie Bliss Diamond Sweater. And I did a three needles bind off for the shoulder seams. All that's left to do are the sleeves and a little bit of seam sewing.

I really like this pattern. This is the third time I've made it. The 6 row pattern is really easy to memorize and it knits fast. (Gotta love baby knits.)

In other news, I took our new kitten to get her vaccines and she's doing very well. We've named her too. Pepper. She looks like a Pepper. She's gotten very comfortable living here. She likes to hide behind the couches, inside the TV stand, (where the CD's are), and in my knitting bag:

Yes, in my knitting bag. I caught her taking a cat nap there this afternoon when I cleaned everything out. And she likes yarn. A little too much I think.

Dalton hasn't really warmed up to her. But we did catch her trying to play with his tail and he trying batting at her, (without the growls and hissing). There will come a day when he loves her so much and we'll catch them curled up together. Until then...

Scout is doing quite well too. We had a nice, (too short), weekend. Most of it spent at the pool. I took Jem and Scout swimming. Scout really likes you to hold her in the water, rather than just sitting in the little boat. But she was especially happy when Daddy got in the pool too. Not much else happened over the weekend, except for a little Secret Pal shopping. Can't tell you what though. (Don't you just hate a tease?) I'm not sure if I will do the next round of SP though. I had a lot of fun with whoever is spoiling me. But the person I'm spoiling doesn't really respond to my emails. (And it's so hard to buy for someone who says to get them, "whatever".) For some reason I don't get very active partners. But that's ok. My SP has made this round a lot of fun. (I still have some chocolate leftover, can you believe it?)

Other than that, I am now participating in the Knitting Lingerie Style KAL. I think my first project from the book will be the Bedjacket. Very pretty. My Hogwarts Socks are coming along. I need to cast on for the second one and get the package off to it's owner. I still have a month, so I'm good. Lots of projects in the que, just need to find the time and the right yarn!


Anonymous said...

Aj, my head is rapidly expanding from all the nice things you are saying ;)

I'm glad you are enjoying knitting Rusted root- this is on my list of things to knit (I bought the pattern right before I found out I was pregnant) but I have made no decisons on color and yarn.

Glad to hear that the cats are slowly moving towards an amicable truce! Until later, Your SP

Nora said...

Well, you and Scout are welcome at our SnB! Love the Rusted Root. I've been sitting on that pattern for ages - didn't think to do it in grey!

keri said...

Rusted root looks very pretty - love the color you chose.

Woman who knits said...

Rusted Root is just gorgeous! I cant' wait for the finished item!!! As for the ladies at SnB. YOU'RE too good for them!!! I'm shocked and can't imagine ever looking down at a fellow knitter. We're kind of like a gang here in Milwaukee though!! =)

Love pepper in your kniting bag. She's meant for you!!

Patty said...

The Rusted Root looks great and such a pretty soft color. Top down patterns are my favorite -- no finishing -- hurray!

Sorry about your SnB experience. I've had the same thing happen to me, too. What a shame. You just have to seek out the right group. I've since found some wonderful women (and the occasional brave guy) to knit with on Fridays. Don't give up.

robin said...

I enjoyed knitting Rusted Root too - it had just enough going on to be interesting without being an all-encompassing project that people have to be quiet around me to knit. Love the kitty pic! Sorry to hear about your SP spoilee.

tiennie said...

I am going to start Rusted Root tonight too. I've had it for awhile but haven't casted on yet. Tonight it is.