July 18, 2007

All in All

It's been a fairly good week. The weather has calmed down, a bit. The pool was re-opened yesterday. I've been working on socks and knitting stitch markers. I've joined a couple KAL's.

Yes, all in all, things have been pretty good.

Nothing really special to report since I'm in the middle of projects, but I thought I'd give you a "teaser" for the new socks I'm working on:

It's Socks That Rock in Pink Granite, lightweight. And yes, another pair for myself. These won't be anklets though. I actually finished the other one the other day, and I know many of you will say WOW, but don't get too impressed. While life is busy, I'm not drowning in so many fancy and exciting things to do. Knitting is it.

I'm also still working on Wicked, though I have already separated the sleeves and am now just doing the mindless stockinette stitch for the body until I get to the shaping. I have yet to decide on short or long sleeves. I've seen a lot of short sleeved ones on Craftster. They are all very nice and very pretty. But I'm thinking long sleeve might be the way to go. Especially since it's made in Cashmerino and it would be a great sweater to wear on those cool fall/winter nights when school starts. (Not too long to go, you know? I'll be whizzing my way through French and Yoga!)

I've also updated my shop tonight. I have been a little discouraged. I have a number of views, but no buys yet. I guess it's one of those word of mouth things. So go do it people! *smile*

This was a set of glass beads in aquamarine and black that I just added. I ♥ black onyx. It's very pretty indeed. I've also added a few sets of freshwater pearl markers.

In other news, well things are fine. I've been reading up on beading and started looking into classes. I decided to do Year Two of the Hogwarts Sock Swap. I originally hadn't intended on it, but I had fun and decided why not? I also joined Secret Pal 11 for the third time. This last round was fun. And I hope Katie is loving every moment of her new baby! She made this round very special for me, all the while being pregnant. Thanks again Katie! Let's see, I also joined another round of Sock a Month 4. Since joining at the end of February I have knit 7 pair of socks. This KAL really gets me going because while I love to knit socks, I love seeing what everyone has created and getting a chance to see more patterns and yarns. Knitters are quite resourceful.

Everything on the homefront is good. Jem is more than ready for school to start, and I can't say that I don't blame him. He's driving me N.U.T.S. "Bored" has taken on a new meaning in our house. Scout is great. She's sitting up on her own and had a chance to swim in the pool today. She was bouncing up and down and drinking water, (ewww), and just having a great time.

So that's it for now.


tiennie said...

It does sound like a good week!

Knitting Mama said...

I just ordered Pink Granite - I can't wait!!! And I wish I'd ordered Rhondonite in Sock weight, the one I'm using (pinks) for my Chevron scarf, it's knitting up soooo nice, I should have gotten it too in lightweight. Oh well, next time!

Felicia said...

Your sock teaser looks very pretty :)