July 21, 2007

A Day At The Zoo

Shawn took the day off of work, (which didn't really work out too well because his boss called him in to work today), so that we could go to the zoo. It was a really great day for it too, because there weren't scads of people running around with their children or women trying to manuever their babies strollers. It was a bit hot, but overall it was a nice outing.

I took a few pictures, including one of the koalas during his lunch "break":

And we finally had a chance to see the Black Bear. He was missing the previous two trips, so it was nice to see him. (There were actually two this time.) This guy was lounging behind the cave, in the shade:

This was Scout's first trip to the zoo. She wasn't too aware of what was going on, but she was definitely interested in those big furry things that were swimming under the faucets of water. Here she is with Daddy taking a peek at what was down in the pool:

On the way to, and from, the zoo I had a chance to work a few rows of sock #2 for the Pink Granite socks. I got about 12 rows done in the car, (meaning traffic was very light on a Friday on the 5). I worked on the rest of the sock last night and, successfully, finished while watching an episode of, "Murder, She Wrote".

Not entirely sure why these striped like Shawn's Stormy Socks, when my Little Bunny Foo and Dalton Socks didn't stripe at all. Must be the gauge I suppose.

Close up of the lace pattern on the foot:

And the short row heels:

I used the Easy Toe and Short Row Heel pattern, like always. (I'm in my comfort zone). And I knit the 4 row Little Arrowhead pattern from Charlene Schurch's, "More Sensational Knitted Socks". I used US 2's for the sock and US 1's for the 2x2 ribbing. I really like these socks. Lacy and feminine without being too frilly. And they are uber comfy!

I updated my Etsy shop with a couple more sock stitch marker sets, including these pretty little pink butterflies:

And now? Well, my neighbors moved a day earlier than expected, though the Charlottes Web was nowhere near being done. So I'll be working on that, and Wicked. I might start another pair of socks, and I might not. I have to figure out what socks I will knit for my Sock It To Me Pal. And since I joined the Hogwarts Sock Swap, Round 2, I will need to get on the ball for that as well.

I suppose you'll see the next I post!


Nora said...

I saw the Shawn/Scout photo at Flickr - so adorable!

Meg said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time at the zoo!

I really like the socks... I don't know if it is the pattern or the colorway or both, but they look great!

Felicia said...

I love visiting the zoo and seeing animals. Glad you all enjoyed it.