July 29, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

There's been a moderate amount of knitting. And there will be a moderate amount of frogging, later on tonight. Maybe. I hate to frog. But there's good reason and I'll get to that in a minute.

In the meantime though, I've been working on a couple things. The first being Wicked. I had put it down for a little while, but I decided to work on it some more. It doesn't deserve to be neglected because of my impatience in starting something new. I just finished the shaping and now I'm pretty much working on the body at this point, sans pocket. I decided against doing pockets. I've done pockets and with the exception of ONE sweater with pockets I've knit, I have never, ever, used pockets on other items. It's not realistic. But I am going to do the long sleeve version of the sweater. I'm not quite there yet.

I've also been trekking along with the Charlotte's Web. I am on Row 105 right now. I still have a while to go. But it's been a bit easier this time around now that I know the pattern a little more. The Koigu reminds me of bubble gum. Pink and Purple bubble gum.

For those of you who don't know, the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 preview is up. I think I'll be picking this up at the bookstore. I let my subscription run out, like others, because I wasn't liking a lot of what I was getting. Such as with the last Vogue. I love the look of crochet, but I don't want crochet patterns in my knitting. What if I can't crochet? (I can't.) Anyway, I like a few of the patterns in this issue, like this cabled sweater:

Though, do I really want to do more cables while still working on the Vogue Cabled Sweater? Not yet.

I also like this sweater designed by Norah Gaughan, very pretty and neat design:

Speaking of Norah Gaughan, remember the Frost Jacket? I had frogged a good 40 some odd rows and decided to restart, only to realize I did not want to deal with adjusting selvedge stitches and doing 5 panels of cable. So I frogged. Again. I then decided to do the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater from IK's last issue, (cover pattern). I used the RYC and got gauge. Then I realized something was amiss. I was a good 6" into the pattern when I realized I was knitting with a US 7 and US 8, when I should only be using two US 8's. So I started to knit with the 8's and to my horror of knitting up to 16"- my stitches were not uniform! I blocked it. Nothing. And then I realized, frogging and starting over would be the only way. *sigh* The problem is that the Cashsoft should be on US 6's. I've knit on smaller needles and never had a problem, so it's obvious that I shouldn't knit it on US 8's. Should I adjust the pattern to knit on smaller needles? We will find out on Tuesday when I go to the LYS and get a little mathematical help.

So what's everyone else in the family doing? Well Scout and Daddy watched, "Beerfest", tonight. (Good thing she's too young to remember, huh?)

Jem is driving me crazy. Only 18 more days til school starts! My mom and I pierced his ear today after a very long week of relentless begging to go to the mall. So now he's a cool dude with a blue and pink turtle earring in his lobe. (It's all I had.)

Shawn is frogging the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater as I type. I didn't have the heart do it. So really, I'm only working on two major projects. I need to work on the Cabled Tunic, but cables aren't calling my name.

I'm doing ok I guess. I think the medications I take are making me feel like crap at the end of the day. Around 5 or 6 I start getting tension headaches and my stomach feels all unsettled. The insomnia hasn't gotten much better. I'm still up around 12 or 1 and Scout is teething, (she still hasn't cut a tooth, though she can sit up on her own and crawl now), so she's been getting up around 4:30, not wanting to sleep. Overall though, I'm doing good. Glad that summer is slowly ending and looking forward to a cool, windy Fall. Also looking forward to my French and Yoga classes at the college.

I've also been working on some more stitch markers, though I haven't posted them on my shop yet. I've looked into taking some beading, beadweving and wire classes at the local bead shop. I'd like to start making some jewelry pieces. The library has encouraged me all too much.

Oh! Bekka, good news! My mom and I were talking about her sewing machine. Shawn told me that he'd buy me a sewing machine of my own for my birthday, but last night my mom told me that I could have her Singer! (BTW, it's from the 60's-70's.) Anyway, you can imagine my excitement! I'm totally ready to start sewing. And today we discussed Halloween costumes for Scout. I thought she'd make a cute Ladybug or Lion. I have three months and two days to have it sewn!


Leslie said...

Keep working on the Wicked. I'm wearing mine today at work and I love it. Even though I made it longer, I wish I would have added another inch to the length, but it's fine. I have all the Koigu for a CW, but the pattern is a little intimidating to me. I'm thinking of starting it in August, so I'll be looking for a KAL and some guidance. Yours is beautiful! I love that cabled sweater in the new IK, too, but I'm wondering how much wear I'd get out of wearing such a heavy sweater in Southern Cal. I already have a few in my drawers just begging to be worn, but that's never stopped me! Happy knitting...

Felicia said...

I do love looking at and drooling over the new magazines and its always tough to decide just which ones to actually go for. I really like the two you've picked out.

tiennie said...

I love Wicked - can't wait to see yours! Very cool on getting a sewing machine. Just have it tuned up (it's not expensive) and it'll work as good as new!

Nora said...

I love that Shawn frogged your sweater - how cool! :) Hope little Scout settles down soon. She's so sweet in that photo.

Rebecca said...

gorgeous project coming along. love your charlotte's web! how awesome that your mom is giving you her old singer! i hope you love it. and i bet it works like magic! whew!

Woman who knits said...

Wicked is going to be great!!

Sorry Jem is driving you nuts. School is a welcome diversion for all involved I bet!!!

Jessica said...

Oh, it is so hard to be project-monogamous!
I hope you're feeling better soon--no doubt the yoga classes will help, they always make me feel great. Anf French too, how fun! :)