August 31, 2007

Monkeys Needing a Home

And I don't mean Jem. Though he's getting close!

I finished my Monkey Swap Pal's Monkey Socks.

I ♥ the yarn. Shawn didn't like it, but what does he know?

Anyway, they are done and now I have to do a little Monkey shopping. Etsy has loads of great stuff. I ♥ Etsy. Just not sure what I want to get yet.

What makes it worse is that I found the cutest Owl Pins. Why is that bad? Because I have the cutest green/blue/cream Owl 3/4 sleeve sweater from Target. And then today, of all days, I go back to Target, (a might dangerous place), and I found another Owl sweater. This one is cream, but on the inside are mini pink and brown owls. So I bought it. There are owls everywhere! I blame my grandmother who loves everything owl. And I blame Target. They enable me. And Etsy too. There's just too much good stuff out there.

Anyway, that's really about it. I ordered my yarn for the Tilted Duster and joined the KAL. More enabling! BUT, I got a pretty good deal on the Berroco Peruvia so I can justify it. Especially because I've put the Cabled Tunic away for a while. (It's in a good place right now.)

Oh, and just so I can make you jealous because so many of you have done it to me: I am going to see the Yarn Harlot in two weeks! Yippee! She's speaking at one of the libraries downtown on the 15th and I, very luckily, grabbed two spots. (Someone on Ravelry posted that they called but were told there were no more spots, so I think I called just in time.) Needless to say, I am very excited.

I need some excitement here in this 110 degree heat. I'm wilting away.


Nora said...

Love the colourful Monkeys, AJ. I can't believe the number of socks you've made!! And the YH??? I wonder if she'll considercoming to AU? :)

Leslie said...

Tell your hubbie your socks are the color of a Ford Gulf Blue GT and he'll take a new interest!:) You and the YH? Awesome. We'll have to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Socks turned out great.. I still havent knitted the monkey socks.. it's stilllllll on my to knit list..I'll get to it sooner or later..
Have fun listening to the Yarn Harlot..I'm still waiting for her to come to my state *sighs*

keri said...

What a gorgeous pair of monkeys!

jillian said...

Lovely! And hey - I'll be at Yarn Harlot too! Let's look out for each other.

Lavender Brocklehurst said...

If you check YH's blog for the pictures of her appearance in Burlington, MA, I'm in the front row, laughing.

Still dyeing your Gryfinndor yarn...

tiennie said...

Nicely done! How cool to go see the yarn harlot!