September 02, 2007

Squirrels and Pearls

Not a very fascinating weekend to tell you the truth. Last night, Shawn and I went to Red Robin and grabbed some burgers, (I tried their A1 Peppercorn Burger and I have to say it was the best one I've had, and I'm pretty pick when it comes to hamburger), and then we went and saw the new "Halloween".

It was a good movie, but I'm a bit disappointed that Rob Zombie distorted the original background. (n the original, Michael Meyers kills his sister for some unknown reason, goes to a psychiatric hospital and doesn't talk for years. In the new one, they focus a lot on his childhood. A childhood of a stripper mother, a no good live in boyfriend who has the hots for the slutty sister...basically your white trash family who parents this kid into being a modern psychotic killer. While there's a lot less killing in the first one, I really think they had to add more to this movie because they were lacking. I mean, most scary movies don't need a dozen or so murders because the story is decent enough. So I really don't know where I stand. It's so hard watching a remake of one of your favorites. I don't think they ruined it, but I don't think that they bettered it either. Anyway, go see for yourself. Apparently it's #1 in the box office, making way more money Labor Day weekend than many.

Today was a lazy day.

As was yesterday. But yesterday, my mom brought this lil guy over:

The place she stays has a big yard and a lot of cats. This guy fell out of a tree and couldn't find his way back up. So her friend came over to my house to pick him up because they didn't want him running around and getting chased, (and very likely, eaten). Cute, huh? Shawn wouldn't come look at him, let alone pet him. He doesn't like rats. Or mice. Or hamsters. Or rabbits. Anything he'd classify as a "rodent" and he won't go near it. Then again he's deathly scared of horses and donkeys. He called one a mean name one time and the horse gave a loud whinny. Serves him right!

Between all of that "excitement", I've been working on my beading. I found some great jewelry, stringing, and beadweaving books. It's kind of like knitting, hard to find a great resource book that will give you all the information you want and need about the craft. But I found two, out of six, from the library that really helped.

And with some of this new information I made this:

Freshwater pearl bracelet in pinks and silver.

I really like it. I just wish I liked pink enough to have something to wear with it, because I would keep it. Unfortunately, I am a blue girl, so this beauty will be going on Etsy, so if you are interested that's where to go.

On the needles is my Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater, about 12" for the back. The tension is better and I think if there are any problems with definition, I'll be able to block it. So I'm happy that I didn't have to frog yet another good piece of fabric.

I finished the Monkeys, as you can see from the last post, but I'm swatching Koigu for another pair. I just love the pattern. And the yarn? I mean, H.E.L.L.O, how can you go wrong?

I've been wanting to cast on for something but am not sure what. I have four WIP's, two of which are hibernating until I decide I want to work on them again. My yarn for the Tilted Duster hasn't arrived yet, so I guess I could wait...but it seems like it will be sooo long. So maybe a Jellyfish? Or more socks? I just want to knit!!!


tiennie said...

Pretty bracelet you've made! You're right - I *heart* Koigu!

Felicia said...

What a cute little squirrel!