May 13, 2006

A Little Pink Dress

I've been in a WIP's hell. I have too many piling up or bulging, literally, at the hinges of my linen closet. Even my bf suggested that we get another Sterilite 3 drawer, (maybe 4 drawer?), cart, so I can put my knitting in one place and know where all my needles are. Isn't half the fun trying to find the right needles? Ok, Ok, I know. I need KA. Knitter's Anonymous could have a new President because I am the chief knitting procrastinator. I mean buying a new yarn just calls for me to use it NOW. Anyway, I have good reason for making this. 1.) I ran out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in black for my bf's sweater. I ordered more and should have it by next weekend. I am 2/3 done on the sleeves. Just need to sew it and pick up stitches for the neck. 2.) I ran out of Blue Sky Alpaca silk/wool...not entirely my fault. I chose a substitute yarn on this lace pattern from "Scarf Style". But as I began running out of this yummy yarn I realized the scarf would be entirely too short. So I decided to order more and get one more hank on the scarf. It will match this gorgeous summer tank top I have. 3.) For the life of me, I just don't get short rows, so I can't finish the cardigan I was working on until I "get" short rows.

The point is, I had 10 balls of Rowan 4 ply cotton that was going to make a sweater from BUT, the gauge just didn't work. The Rowan was simply too thin for that project. So what better to make, than a little pink dress?
The pattern is from Debbie Bliss' new book, "Special Knits". I used one and a half ball of Rowan 4 ply cotton in pastel pink. This is the smallest size, 6 month to 12 month. (I am most certain we will have a girl!) I just need a pretty ribbon to put through the eyelets and a button for the back.

Here's a close up of the front. The rib consists of one row of P2, K3 and then a row of P. That way you get a K3 rib combo with 2 stitches of garter rows. Very pretty, lacy, and lady like.

I just joined the Irish Hiking Scarf KAL. I started the project tonight. I am about 16 rows into it. I will post a picture tomorrow, after the Mother's Day festivities.

By the way, to all you moms out there: Happy Mother's Day!

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Pretty dress!