August 19, 2006

Hospitals Suck and Pinwheel Sweaters

My day didn't start out too well. The afternoon only got worse, I'm sorry to say. My bf and I sat in the emergency room from 12:50-5:15 this afternoon. I started to have some heavy cramping and it freaked me out. So we went to the hospital. Turns out I have a bladder infection. It only took them 5 hours and 25 minutes. * sigh * I am convinced that my insurance paid a few nurses rent for the month. I should be back to "normal" in a few days. Just not feeling too hot. This pregnancy is really killing me. (I should have knocked on wood with my first one, huh?)

Some brighter news. I had to change my local phone carrier because the previous service was pretty eewww. Meaning for a month I had either no dial tone or I couldn't call local numbers. (?) I switched to AT&T (this is by no means an ad for them). They sent me a $50 VISA gift card for switching. *yay* Of course, I had to use the gift card for yarn. And I had the perfect project to start. (Don't remind me, I know I have a few on the needles as we speak.) Everyone seems to be doing this Pinwheel Sweater (shown below) from Elann. I bought 6 skeins of yarn for $21. (Including Shipping and Handling.) Tomorrow I'll post the colors, but they are in yellows, greens and blues. (We still aren't sure if we are having a boy or girl...I thought I'd play it safe.) Cute isn't it?


jillian said...

Oh No! Feel better! When I was little I got UTIs all the time, and I still remember how awful they are.

That sweater will be adorable for your little one!

the knotmaker said...

I am so sorry to hear that ... I hope you feel better soon.

The sweater is beautiful!!!


Hope you feel better soon. The Pinwheel Sweater is gorgeous. When are you due?

catsmum said...

Is anyone doing a KAL for the pinwheel , does anyone know? Maybe we should start one :]

lindsay said...

Have fun with your pinwheel! Im on the 7th color and almost done. You can see photos of the begining here if you like. I'll be checking back on yours!