August 28, 2006

Round and Round

I know I should be showing you pictures of the Caftan. Or maybe an update on the Collared Shawl Sweater that I have yet to add a neck to. I only made this project my goal as my Knitting Olympics project, but I failed. So it's bundled in a grocery bag somewhere in the linen closet. Along with some other rejects. And sometimes some inspiration...if I find the "right" yarn. Which I did last night. I love the colors, but I have to say, this isn't a very "soft" wool. Maybe once it's washed once or twice? So I decided to start the Pinwheel Sweater from elann. I chose yellow, greens and blues. I saw on another blogger's site that she was doing the Pinwheel Sweater in pinks and purples for a little girl. Oh, my heart skipped. I want to do something in pink for the baby. I have made a dress and a Debbie Bliss pattern for a shawl in pink. But I'm not quite convinced. So neutral colors it is. Warning: If you do this pattern, really commit to keeping track of what row you are on. Sometimes knitting in the round with a lot of increases can be quite confusing.

Something I might start soon: My toes get pretty cold when the a/c is on. Not my hands, my nose, my toes. I have some Lorna's Laces that I could make these from. What do you think? Guess I'd better commit to getting regulary scheduled pedicures, huh?

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catsmum said...

I'm thinking of doing it all in blues [ for grandbubby-to-be ] and purple for moi. Not sure about the loopy edging, at least on the small one.
oh and btw , where has your K1 Knit too button disappeared to ?