August 29, 2006

Today's Post Sponsored by the Letter A

So I bought this letter A from Michaels a while ago. I can't remember if it was for my mom's birthday or for Mother's Day...either way, I never altered it. So I brought it out and have decided to add a bit of paint and some embellishments. Maybe add a bit of paper decoupaging on the sides. Who knows? Oh the possibilities.

I was having some issues with the Pinwheel Sweater. At first I thought I forgot to do some YO's, so I frogged. Then I realized I didn't forget to the YO's, so I knit. But then it came to the provisional cast on and I was stumped. I have to say if you are looking for a good video tutorial you should check out Knitting at Knoon's video on the cast on method. I couldn't figure out how to do it with 2 dimensional pictures. I eventually figured it out while watching Silent Hill. (Don't knit and try to watch this movie at the same time, it doesn't work!) So here was my progress while attempting to understand the movie. (This was before my lame attempts at the provisional cast on method for the sleeves.)

This morning I discovered my stitch count was off, according to the numbers I had in comparison to what the pattern said I should have. I should have had 150 stitches, but I had 152...which techinically I should have had after a few increases. But when I was supposed to do the seperating I should have only had to knit/seperate 150 stitches. I had an extra two. So I got a little creative with the number 19, rather than the number 18 and a few yarn overs. What a day!

I am loving the color scheme. And like others, I thought I would reverse the colors and go from dark blue, to the dark greens, to the light greens to yellow. I should have enough yarn from most of the skeins. I don't see why not. Anyway, I'm getting closer to the knit and purl section. Then on to the sleeves. I'm pretty excited. I haven't decided if I'm going to add the loopy i-cord on the edging. I'd like to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. If he's a boy, then I won't add the i-cord. It would looks too froo froo on a boy. But if the baby is a girl, you bet your buns off I will be adding all the frilly stuff!


catsmum said...

glad to see the Knit 1 Blog too button back!! See, if I hadn't mentioned it...
and I thoroughly agree about the i-cord being too frou-frou for a boy... but then you already knew that from my previous comment , didn't ya?
How's the UTI progressing... you feeling better girly?

craftybernie said...

Nice 'A'. Have you ever tried Napkin Decoupage? It's very effective. There are so many fancy napkins out there nowadays.